Monday, June 30, 2008

Look What I Found!

My husband and I have a compost bin - it is no secret, I've told you all about it already. :) But in what it takes to keep up a compost bin - that I haven't devulged in. Our bin is clear in the back of the yard - a definite trek if it is raining or dark out. And who wants to make that trek to the corner of the yard where the humongo spiders live just to put 2 egg shells in the bin?? Not I!

Solution? We stash up our items in an old icecream tub with the lid sealed...once it is full or nearly full...or we have the gumption to go out to the compost bin...we empty it. Having your compostable items in an airtight container really isn't ideal for their decomposition and it usually leads to rot instead of decomposing nicely. And a see-through tub of egg shells, banana peels and coffee grounds isn't exactly what I call cute kitchen decor.

I have had my eye on one of these cute Compost Buckets for quite a while and NOW I have found one within driving distance at a reasonable price at a cute store that seems like it would be fun to shop in (World Market). AND I have a coupon for a free tote no purchase necessary!

I am feeling a trip to the northside come Thursday (hubby's day off)! ;)


Candid Carrie said...

So, when you get there tell them about you being an extremely famous blogger and you need to have an extra tote as a give away. Try to score a second compost, too.

Nadine said...

That is a good price! Most I've seen are at least twice that. I haven't worked out a good system yet, but my inherently lazy nature doesn't encourage frequent trips to the compost pile. This is exactly what I want!