Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ah, The Subtle Signs of Summer

(Cooling off on the White River Garden's Canal - we took the dogs for a walk all along the canal a week or two ago - it was quite warm - thankfully there were lots of little fountains for me to stick my feet in to cool off and lots of shade to sit in to take a break)

Walks on the canal, trips to the winery, movies at the IMA and IMAX, gardens and flowers - warm weather, blue skies, farmer's markets and thunderstorms....and a lower gas bill - all the signs of summer I love!

Our gas bill is finally making it's way into the lower digits. Last month's bill was only $40 - soon it should be down to $20...I hope. I think our water heater is the only thing that is using natural gas now that the heater is off.

But then our electric bills creeps up with having the the AC and fans on - thought last month's bill was only $28. We keep the house at an average of 75 degrees - a little lower when we sleep - around 72. We like it warm!


prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

love your haircut!

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Nadine said...

I only have electric, so it goes down but not too low.