Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thinking Toasty Thoughts!

The heat on the bus wasn't working today, as our driver informed us...boy, was he right! I am no longer second guessing my decision to wear a turtleneck, a long sleeved shirt under it, tights AND socks over the tights...I thought it might be a little much since today is supposed to be warmer than Monday or Tuesday - but now I am glad I did layer! No prelude of heat in the morning made my two block walk after my bus ride seem to take FOREVER.

Slowly thawing out this morning...and this giveaway from the marvelously talented Laurraine from Patchwork Pottery is sure helping speed me along!

She's giving away one of her oh-so-lovely handmade quilted pouches! Isn't it lovely!? I am hoping that the hot chocolate come with! Visit her blog, Patchwork Pottery, to get in on the fun!

(The winner is to be announced on Nov. 5th!! Can't wait!)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Brrrs and Burrs!

Sigh, it is fall again - no mistaking it! Chilly, windy and the fields are full of burrs. Just ask little Lola who came home from her walk looking like a slightly mangy stray dog. And she will tell you it is no fun to be pinned down and have those things ripped from her fur - they don't come out easy. We will be avoiding that field on our next walk.

One thing I love about fall, though, is the way it makes my pups so cuddly. If it's cool outside I can expect at least one of my loves curled up next me and this weekend was a super cuddly weekend!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sleeping In Style

I finished another sewing project! This one was rather intimidating as it required me to come up with my own pattern and do my own measurements. Luckily I convinced myself I needed a rotary cutter and, WOW, did it help! Made cutting so much easier, quicker and more precise.

Anywho, here is the finished results! And, yes, they are dog crate covers! :) Our pups sleep in our bedroom (one raises a ruckus literally ALL night long if she isn't in the same room as us) - and for the longest time we've dealt with the beauty a black metal wire crate brings to the essence of our master bedroom.

I've been wanting those nice wooden crates that look like furniture - but when hubby got me my sewing machine my mind starting working - huh, I wonder...and wallah! The dog crate cover idea was born.

First I made fleece slip covers for their mats (old yoga mats I had cut up for the bottom of their crates - in hideous purple and blue). Then the covers for the crate - and it looks marvelous! There is even a front flap that can be pinned up for everyday use to open and close the door and unpinned to further conceal the crate when guests are over!

Also tired a different cookie recipe this weekend much to Matt's delight - Soft & Chew Peanut Butter cookies - we used up the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter we've had for ages (it sounded good but wasn't really practical - EXCEPT in these cookies!) - and added an extra 1/2 a cup of regular crunchy peanut butter and lo and behold we now have 4 dozen cookies...a little much for 2 people SO I am sure that friends and coworkers will be receiving end of some cookies soon!

Recipe was from

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Poor Pup

Yeah, so this pitiful pup cost us a hefty chunk of molah at the vet today - darn dog.

Apparently she has seasonal allergies and began chewing a hole in her tail to make the itching stop.

One Cortisone shot, a shave, and a prescription to a spray med later - she is a much happier pup.

Nicht so happy in this pic my hubby shot with his camera phone - for a few days there we were trying to wait it out hoping it was just a hot spot and that by making her wear the collar she would stop biting it and it would didn't.

As you can also see there is no deck in our backyard - we have decided to forgo the idea for now since our HOA took its time in getting our approval to us and now it is too late in the season to even enjoy the benefits of a deck - yeah, so we will revisit the idea again next year as the weather warms back up.

Oh, and there in the corner is our little garden with the STUPID cherry tomato plants STILL going at it - I am about to rip them out of the ground - NO MORE, I SAY NO MORE!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Web Finds Wednesday!


ReadyMade Magazine's Smart Uses for Simple Things
Now I know what to do with my used up mascara brushes and how to open those pesky plastic packages that always cut my fingers - marvelous!

Crazily Creative Pumpkin Carvings From Pumpkin Way
Getting geared up with lots of inspiration to carve our creations soon!

10 Signs You're Frugal at

Sewing Tutorials
Oh my goodness - I've found the mother load! Between this and Whip Up I am golden!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Brown County Festive Fall Fun!

We collected pinecones, leaves and other fall fun.

We antiqued!

We sipped warm mulled wine!

We strolled the streets of Nashville.

We saw wild turkeys!

We snuggled and picnicked under the colorful trees.

Watched the sunset.

Drove through the fall foliage.

We had a glorious time!!

We didn't have quite the adventure that Ann from Prairie Vision Design's family took on their excursion to Brown County, but we still had one dreamy time. I love spending time with my love.

Pumpkin Patch Giveaway

Sorry again about being a lazy blogger lately with all the giveaway posts (would be different if they were my own - but alas they are not).

Without further ado - here's a great fabric giveaway of marvelous goodies over at Pumpkin Patch Primitives Quilt Shoppe.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mmmm Lava Cake!

Did you know you can cook a pretty darn good chocolate molten lava cake with a rice cooker pan and a microwave??! Yup, you can and it is delicious!!

Hosted a Pampered Chef party in my home this weekend and really had a great time - I love their microwave recipes! So quick and easy! And that is without even mentioning all their nifty products!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately - rather wore out from cleaning, work and for a second there I thought I was coming down with something - but alas I am feeling fine!

Hoping to make it out to Brown County with the hubby yet this weekend - so good pics and stories are soon to follow!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sweet Lemony Goodness: A Quilt Giveaway!!

Oh my goodness! Would you just look at those love lemony colors of this great handmade quilt that the wonderful Elizabeth Cranmer from Pigtails and Snails blog has whipped up for one lucky winner in her awesome quilt giveaway of fun!!

All you have to do it leave a comment on her giveaway post! Easy enough right? Well, that now that only earns you one entry. So, how do you get more ?? She is giving 5 additional entries for posting about the giveaway on your own blog and another 5 entries for posting the banner below in your sidebar.

Check it out!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend In Review

The only thing that would have made this weekend even more perfect would be if I had Matt home the whole time to enjoy it!

I love mosey-cozy weekends like this where I can actually get things done - it feels good!

Let's see my list of accomplishments for this weekend - a little lengthy but it makes me realize how much I got done if I list it out so bear with me:

1. Repotted all the indoor plants that have outgrown their old homes.

2. Painted and sanded the desk more - am 85% finished! Wohoo!

3. Cleaned - dusted, swept, aired out rugs - organized the bathroom closet, 2 loads of laundry, a load of dishes and sewed on buttons on my hubby's work shirts.

4. Turned the compost - fun fun - at least there weren't any mondo spiders this time. Did see a worm but that was it.

5. And one of my favorite parts of the weekend - setting up my new craft area!!

I took the desk we had set up in our office (that will be replaced with the desk I am finishing) and set it in our landing/gameroom area and snatched up the clear white bins Matt had in his garage (he is installing a new shelving system next weekend - so this just helps him along) and wallah - my uber crafty sewing and knitting corner complete with every sewing book our library had - checked out and stashed for reference!

Kitty was my second hand woman when it came to organizing my craft bits - as you can see she made sure nothing was left in that box.

Oh! And I finished kleenex box cover #2 a few days ago - wohoo!

I also visited my new favorite store - Hancock Fabrics! Why have I never heard of this utopia before? I've been wasting my time at Joanne's and Hobby Lobby when this little fabric heaven was just across the street?!

I admit I was a tad deceived by the exterior - kinda looked like a tiny store for drapes or something. Not the wonderful store that it actually is!

There is yarn, thread, so so so much fabric - a clearance bin and a $1 a yard bin - the selection is just fantastic. And it is less than a mile away from the bus stop - so guess where I will be hanging out after work - yup yup!

They even have great priced classes!

Well that was my weekend in a nutshell - nothing exciting - pretty ho-hum - but lovely none-the-less!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Picking Out Our Pumpkins

It never feels like quite like fall without picking out our pumpkins. That's right! So, what if we don't have kids or that we aren't 10 anymore - I like carving pumpkins darn it! I love that smell, the gunk between my fingers, roasting the seeds - and the look of a lit jack-o-lantern.

Most recently I've discovered that there's more beyond the standard orange pumpkin. There's the oh-so-lovely white pumpkin, the simply marvelous gray pumpkin and the absolutely fantastic pale orange pumpkins.

This year we picked up our pumpkins at pumpkin patch my husband stumbled upon earlier in the week. Just check out the great produce!

I haven't full decked out our fall front porch yet so - more pics will soon follow!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Starting Somewhere: Sewing A Kleenex Box Cover - Woohoo!

Well, I finally broke out of my sewing rut and started a project at long last. A miracle I know! It's a tissue box cover - I mean how much attention is a tissue box going to get - not much - so I thought it was a good start. If I mess up I won't be horribly upset because it is just a tissue box cover - not a cute bag or lovely tote. Sadly, the end result wasn't quite what I was hoping for. I at least managed to get my seams straight - it's my measuring and cutting that needs the focus now. Next time I am going to pull an old tissue box apart first to take better measurements. Other than the tight squeeze it looks pretty good I think!

I will probably rip out those tan stitches later when I get a more color coordinating thread - for now it works.

Here's the link to the tutorial - thanks, Lara, from Kiri Notebook for getting me started!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Franklin Fall Festival

Matt and I had a great time this weekend at the Franklin Fall Festival. Boy, did it ever feel like fall! The cool temps, the crisp smell in the air and the leaves slowing turning their fiery colors.

We strolled the streets of historic downtown Franklin and browsed the booths. Found this adorable fall set-up. Especially love the gourd fashioned into a ghost with a mouth full of candy!

The Franklin Fall Fest was an excellent way to usher in fall and mosey into the weekend. Saturday's like that are best! This will definitely become a yearly tradition for Matthew and I.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

Who I'd rather be with on this chilly October morning...snuggling with my Lola on the couch.

Don't forget to visit my husband's blog and see his foto fun post at Matt's Miscellany.

For more foto fun, check out Candid Carrie.

Proposed IndyGo Changes


These proposed changes will be decided at an Oct. 30 meeting of the IndyGo board at 5 p.m. at the transportation agency's boardroom, 1501 W. Washington St.:

»Increase all fares in 2009, including raising a full fare from $1.50 to $1.75, a day pass from $3.50 to $4, a seven-day pass from $17 to $20 and a 31-day pass from $55 to $60.

»Charge regular fares beginning next year on the Red Line Circulator, which is now free.

»Create a new $30 monthly S-Pass for college and university students.

» Eliminate the Route 18-26 (Nora and Keystone) Sunday north loop to the Far Northside in November and Route 55 (English to the Far Eastside) in February.

» Move the west end of Route 8 (Washington Street) from the current Indianapolis International Airport terminal to the new midfield terminal in November.

»Reduce service on Routes 5 (East 25th Street/North Harding), 11 (East 16th Street), 28 (St. Vincent) and 31 (Greenwood) in November and on Routes 2 (East 34th Street), 4 (Fort Harrison) and 30 (30th Street Crosstown) in February.


System: IndyGo.
Annual ridership: 8.4 million. Fare: $1.50.

System: COTA: Central Ohio Transit Authority.
Annual ridership: More than 14.8 million. Fare: $1.50.

System: Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority.
Annual ridership: About 23 million. Fare: $1.50.

System: TARC: Transit Authority of River City.
Annual ridership: About 15.8 million. Fare: $1.50.

System: Metro (bus, light rail).
Annual ridership: 54 million. Fare: $1.75.

Source: Star library research

Link to IndyStar Article


Hmmm, not sure how I feel about all this. I mean ridership is up - so why all the cut backs? Seems like the wrong time to do that.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Adventures in Desk Refinishing 2 - Progress

Here's my progress on my Adventures in Desk Refinishing. Bottom is completely untouched, middle has had two coats of Citristrip and the top has been stripped and sanded. It's coming along nicely!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bath & Body Works Sweepstakes!

Enter to Win Bath & Body Works Get the Works Sweepstakes!

Sweepstakes open to legal residents of the 50 United States and Washington, DC age 18 and older.

After you have completed the entry instructions, you will automatically receive one "Direct Entry." You are limited to one Direct Entry for the entire Entry Period. "Additional Entries" can be received by inviting your friends using any of the three methods (posting a badge, email and personal link) found on "Get the Works™."

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Ends 11:59:59 P.M. (ET) on 10/22/08.

Enter to Win Bath & Body Works Get in the Work Sweepstakes!

My Nose In A Book

Thankfully today's bus driver was our regular because I was so into reading my sewing book that I almost missed my stop! He pulled over where I usually get off (no one else had hit the STOP wire) and asked if this was my usual stop - I looked up all confused and then realized we were already downtown! Time flew by this morning!

Thank goodness for friendly bus drivers who know your stop even if you almost miss it!

How Much Is That Doggie In the Window?

I found this in my inbox this morning:

Great dog in need of a home.
If you can’t take in this dog, pass along his picture. He is a great pet!

Many of you are aware that a great dog followed my dog and I home last Tuesday. I have taken him in and attempted to find his family in all of the ways that I knew how, but no one has contacted me. I don’t want to send him to Animal Care and Control—besides being depressing, they only give dogs 5 days before they may be euthanized. Therefore, I am putting out a call for someone to adopt the dog that I am calling Bailey.

Bailey is 6 -7 months old, male, and 39 lbs. He is currently not neutered, but I have set up an appointment for that to happen soon.

Bailey is a friendly, loving dog. He is housetrained (hasn’t gone in the house yet!), sits on cue, does great in the car, and loves to play. He loves to sit in your lap and loves toys (especially chewy toys). He likes to go on walks and is rambunctious, as he is a still a puppy. I truly think that he will settle down even more after he is neutered or as he gets past the puppy stage. Bailey is also crate trained---he readily goes in the crate during the day. He rarely barks except in certain situations when most dogs bark (sudden unknown noises). He is high energy and would be a GREAT way to keep in shape.

I want to keep Bailey, but my current dog is having some territory issues with him in the house. I really think that he would be a great pet on his own as well as with dogs who are used to being a multiple in the family.

If you are interested in this wonderful dog, I am willing to do the following:

1. Let someone borrow the crate as long as they need it.

2. Get his shots and get him neutered

3. I’ll even throw in some chew toys!!!

If you are looking for a loving and energetic companion, then Bailey is your guy! He is a available for visits and I will even bring him to you.

Please pass this along widely.

Does anyone have room in their homes and hearts for this pretty little pooch? I already have too many - but I am hoping someone reading this blog is at the right point in their lives and in their hearts to adopt a furry new member into their family - if anything at all help pass the message along that there is a pup in need!