Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How Much Is That Doggie In the Window?

I found this in my inbox this morning:

Great dog in need of a home.
If you can’t take in this dog, pass along his picture. He is a great pet!

Many of you are aware that a great dog followed my dog and I home last Tuesday. I have taken him in and attempted to find his family in all of the ways that I knew how, but no one has contacted me. I don’t want to send him to Animal Care and Control—besides being depressing, they only give dogs 5 days before they may be euthanized. Therefore, I am putting out a call for someone to adopt the dog that I am calling Bailey.

Bailey is 6 -7 months old, male, and 39 lbs. He is currently not neutered, but I have set up an appointment for that to happen soon.

Bailey is a friendly, loving dog. He is housetrained (hasn’t gone in the house yet!), sits on cue, does great in the car, and loves to play. He loves to sit in your lap and loves toys (especially chewy toys). He likes to go on walks and is rambunctious, as he is a still a puppy. I truly think that he will settle down even more after he is neutered or as he gets past the puppy stage. Bailey is also crate trained---he readily goes in the crate during the day. He rarely barks except in certain situations when most dogs bark (sudden unknown noises). He is high energy and would be a GREAT way to keep in shape.

I want to keep Bailey, but my current dog is having some territory issues with him in the house. I really think that he would be a great pet on his own as well as with dogs who are used to being a multiple in the family.

If you are interested in this wonderful dog, I am willing to do the following:

1. Let someone borrow the crate as long as they need it.

2. Get his shots and get him neutered

3. I’ll even throw in some chew toys!!!

If you are looking for a loving and energetic companion, then Bailey is your guy! He is a available for visits and I will even bring him to you.

Please pass this along widely.

Does anyone have room in their homes and hearts for this pretty little pooch? I already have too many - but I am hoping someone reading this blog is at the right point in their lives and in their hearts to adopt a furry new member into their family - if anything at all help pass the message along that there is a pup in need!

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Momma Val said...

Have you had him scanned for a chip? Our dog has one and actually linked him back to the ridiculous family that let him free a few towns away who didn't want him anymore. I'd have him checked for a chip. Good luck, he's a cutie. Bet he has a very loving family somewhere. I'd consider taking him if I didn't have my hands full with Tango and Little Buddy