Thursday, March 17, 2011

5 Month Update

We had our second round of shots...and are up to 14 lbs 2 oz - more now I am sure since that dr appt has came and went a few weeks ago!

In the last week alone Delaney has learned to sit up! It is so amazing! Last week she was so slumpy and would tumble over if you propped her up.This week she sits great unassisted!

Last week we barely touched on our tippy toes in the walker - this week she can touch enough to scoot herself backwards!

We've flown our first kite as a family at the park!

Swung in a swing for the first time!

Worn sunglasses for the first time!

So many firsts!

She giggles at the doggies still the most! Especially if they cough or sneeze.