Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Blogger Family Distelrath Farm Tour

Had the pleasure of joining fellow bloggers an a great tour of the awesome Distelrath Farm - located nearer to downtown Indy than you think! Just east on Raymond St.

The tour walked us along a mulched path past a fenced in chickens, a rabbit hutch, muddy pigs, goats and sheep and back to the chickens. The kiddos were given bags of old bread and were allowed to toss hunks of bread to the happily awaiting animals. Even got to hunt for eggs in the chicken coops! Delaney found one!

We cannot wait to go back and visit on a Saturday morning (open to the general public at that time) and to learn more about joining this great farm co-op.

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Distelrath Farm
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Distelrath Farm Tour - Coming Up

Very excited to take part in the upcoming Blogger Family Farm Tour at Distelrath Farm. We drove past this new-to-us location on our way to our fairly ill-fated strawberry picking family adventure earlier this year (too hot outside for my wee babes that day) and have been wanting to go ever since! I creaned my neck in the passenger seat to see more as we drove past - I did see some lovely chickens and have been seeing write-ups about the location. Cannot wait to fill you all in on this gem!