Saturday, February 28, 2009

Latest Antique Market Finds!

Picked up this yellow beauty of a fawn while out shopping on my birthday last week! Was only $5! Right now she's residing in our spare bedroom but I am envisioning her to grace our nursery eventually. ;)

So, the store we shop frequently doesn't take charge cards for anything under $10 and OF COURSE we didn't have our check book or any cash on to make the transaction at least $10 I had to buy more! Oh it was terrible - awful, I tell you - to have to go back and find something else wanted. Hehe! (sneaky little laugh)

While shopping for our additional item, Matt found this adorable light blue sugar and creamer set for $6! Alas, it had to be mine!

2009 Crocus Snapshots

Here they are! My first signs of spring! Crocus sighting late February!! Though our balmy weather is long gone today - tried to go on a walk with the pooches and ended up turning back before we were half way done. Brr!

Aren't they so refreshing to see??

Eight little ones in this picture - on the east side of the house.

I think there's six here on the south side of the house - right to the left of the front door as you come up our side walk!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crocus Sighting

(this pic is from 2008 - will snap and replace with and 2009 pic soon)

With the lovely warm weather being so wonderful tonight, I thought I'd take a walk around the yard to see if any signs of spring are poking through the earth. And yup! I found the tiniest signs of spring! Little blades of crocus leaves beginning to sprout up!

Now last year I first spotted these green shoots of hope on March 14th! They came up the same time my daffodils and tulips came up - which did bother me last year because I THOUGHT crocuses were supposed to come up earlier - but what do I know?!

But, they are starting to spring up now - no flowers or anything - but, still, a little green is good on the eyes right about now! And they've grown - there are more little shoots this year. I had one or two in one area and now there's 3 or 4 in the same area! Woohoo!

What I want to be sure to get in the ground next year are some Snowdrops, I don't have any yet but have been eyeing everyone in blogland who does, they are so lovely!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Giveaway Goodness

Apparently I'm on a roll with finding the great giveaways here!

This one is over at Priscilla Bakes - she's managed to score a chic, roomy and stylish bag for one of her lucky readers from Vildan at BayanHippo! Who doesn't love big roomy purses/totes/bags whatever you want to call them?! I'm especially feeling the yellow one myself.

What are you waiting for? Go enter to win!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The 7 Days of Stacy-fest!

First, a little background, Stacy-fest begins on February 14th and ends with a grande finale on February 20th. So Valentine's Day to my birthday! I don't require that this holiday occurs, my husband kind of invented it. :) I'm uber loved and he's uber amazing! I'm going to hold on to him, ladies - so don't get any ideas!

Day 1: Dolce & Gabana perfume, day with my husband, icecream & dinner at Adobo Grill.

Day 2: Dinner with my Dad, Cindy & Matt at Palomino and a surprise of chocolates & Fun Dip - one of my favorite kinds of candy - the stick is the best part!

Day 3: New pens and pencils for my desk at work in a range of gorgeous colors!

Day 4: Garden goodness! New gloves, a tote and tons of new seeds!

Day 5: Breathtaking bowls. A matching pair of the prettiest bowls!

Day 6: A lovely new children's book to add to our growing collection, a $20 gift card to Barnes & Noble and a cute little metal bookmark!

And lots of cards in the mail! One from my mother-in-law, Sue, had me extra excited! An order for two Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart plants to be delivered to our house in March! I've been wanting these gorgeous flowers for a long-time - they are perfect! Thank you!!

Day 7: A bottle of wine and a badmitten set! :) Free icecream at Cold Stone Creamery.. Shopping at all my favorite stores - found some great little things at my favorite antique place! Dinner with friends and a few good rounds of Apples to Apples!

Also received my new favorite Bath & Body Works scent - Ile de Tahiti Inu Tiare Flower - smells like the beach! Thank you Nick & Krista!

Not to mention all the birthday love I received on Facebook, via text messsages on my cell, from everyone at work and from all my blogging pals! Thank you, Return to Rural, for the special post! :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Quarter Century

Today marks the day that I am exactly a quarter of a century old. 25.

I'm taking the day off work to spend with my love. Pics of all the fun to follow!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cottage Chic

Found this online today - defines your personal style for home interior design. Now I can finally describe what the style I love -I don't think I had a name for it before.

Cottage Chic - it's perfect! A little beachy, a little modern, a little old, a little new - all with a light background...its me to a T!

The quiz says I am mix of three styles.

53% Cottage Chic
24% Contemporary
23% Zen Style

Take the quiz on to find YOUR style!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fabulous February

Did I tell you all that I love February? It is pretty much a marvelous festival full of fun things for me -liiiikkkkeee......Valentines Day's AND my birthday!

Matt and I started off the Valentine's Day exchanging gifts and cards and smooches. :)!

Here's the lowdown of our loot. Matching mugs full of M&Ms and cinnamon jelly hearts, the Dolce & Gabana Light Blue perfume I've been dying to have....yum! Breakfast at Tiffany's and mushy gushy cards - ahhh perfect!

Then we ran about town visiting an art exhibit and the art museum - where I almost had it out with a security guard and almost broke down the stupid glass door. Fun!

Finished up the day with my muy favorito ice-cream from the South Bend Chocolate company - may I suggest the sugar cone with a scoop of Blue Moon and a scoop of Cookies & Cream. The best!

Then wrapped up the day of love by keeping things spicy at Adobo Grill. The skirt steak and fruit infused margaritas were amazing - not to mention the amazing guacamole and the handsome eye-full I had at the other end of the table.

Have I ever told you all how lucky I am? This man is amazing.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Ideas, Recipes & More

(Don't ya love my new office mug?? - found it 50% off)

Here I was saying I didn't have any blog fodder, then I go and whip out three posts - go figure. :)

Breakfast in Bed - Menu Suggestions? From Apartment Therapy's The Kitchen
We do have a white tray we keep the mail in that would serve quick nicely as a breakfast in bed tray. Hint, hint to the husband. :) Unless of course I wake up first, which is more likely, so this may backfire on me.

Valentine Oatmeal & Cookie Bars
- from Chubba Gurl - Um...? Yum!!

Valentine's Giveaway at Pink Chaulk Studio (for all those fellow fabric fashionistas) Winners will be drawn Monday!

How to Make Valentine's Love Boats

Love to Print Giveaway at Design For Mankind - Only 24 hours to enter!

Ecojotter February Giveaway: Love According To You

TONS of Valentine's fun at Please Sir

Heart Shaped Foods for Valentine's Day

Squirrely Valentine Paper Cutting Proj.

Kate Spade Valentine E-Cards

Valentine Round Up at Party Perfect

Valentine's Day Mystery

Usually Matt and I have our Valentine's Day all planned out - gift exchange in the morning and dinner reservations in the evening with a fun jaunt about town or something in the afternoon. But this year, all I know for the certain is the gift exchange.

Well, at least I KNOW that I got him something - it isn't wrapped but it is craftily hid away somewhere in the house... or garage... or my car (gotta keep the suspense...he reads my blog).

The last few days though have been a blur - he's been working funky hours again so I only see him in passing. I'm in bed when he gets home, he's in bed when I get up and then he's at work when I get home. :(

So lord knows what we are doing tomorrow for the day of love. I haven't made any reservations - though now I wish I would have - dinner at Palomino sounds nice.

He does have tomorrow off so we will get to actually be together for Valentine's Day. :) We are saps like that. You should hear the quote he found in a book he's reading - this wonderfully sappy love quote. Sigh.

I hope all of you have marvelous plans for Valentine's Day or some sort of anti-Valentine's day agenda. As long as you do something fun! :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

In the Meantime

Been lacking in blog fodder - you can always check out small snippets from my other blogs though!

See design inspiration and cool stuff I find here: Confessions of a Design Junkie

Check out my list of cool baby things here: The Birds & The Bees

Or see what I'm up to on Twitter here: @smquaseb

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

February's My Favorite Month!

I should have never stepped down the Valentine's aisle at Target - I don't have the will power to make it out without a few additions to my cart. I think they strategically place the holiday aisle directly in front of the pharmacy stuff so no matter what you either have to walk by or through it. Went in for my prescription, came out with these and Matt's Valentine's Day present! The little owl is a picture holder and the tiny robot love mug just makes me smile. :)

Bee House

This unseasonably warm weather we've been having and the recent arrival of the Spring Hill garden seed catalogue has my mind on all things spring. When browsing the oh-so-wonderful Cox & Cox website I came across this nifty little bee-house. We had bees try to house one of our bird houses last year but they later abandoned the idea - this would the perfect thing to encourage bees to visit your yard and garden but hopefully keep them away from housing your along your roof line and vacant bird houses. And at $15 it isn't a large dent in the wallet.

Found on Cox & Cox

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wasted Saturdays

This morning was rough one. Woke up early to head to the gym with my love despite all the signs my body was giving me to stay in bed (headache, achy eyes, general grumpiness). I thought these signs of sleepiness or impending sickness would wear off - not so much.

Started with dropping yogurt on my new scarf, then the water in my water bottle tasted mildew (either our fridge has a filter that needs changed or the water gets yuck if we don't use it often) - almost duked it out with the sales guy at Verizon (I had seen a price online that was different that the store and we waited 45 min. in line to be told it that) - the smell of my hubby's gum made me want to puke (strawberry banana). Just general displeasure at everything - arg!

As you can tell I was pretty disagreeable today - I ended up napping on the couch till 6:30. I feel better now but not motivated. I hate wasted Saturdays. :( There was so much I wanted to do!

25 Random Things

Originally written on Facebook, but thought I'd share - kinda been in a blogging slump.

1. Like Tracie - I also have my belly button pierced. I've had mine since I was a Sophomore in college and have had the same piece of jewelry in it for quite a long time now. It's hard to find non-ugly belly jewelry.

2. I am pretty much an internet addict - I love reading and writing blogs (have 3 of my own & write one so far for work), twitter (for myself and work), social networks like Facebook, Smaller Indiana, etc - though I'm not a fan of Myspace, I have WAY too many RSS feeds in my Google Reader (552 subscriptions in all). Don't have a smart phone though - I think it would only feed my addiction further. :)

3. I'm a huge bookworm - have over 20 books checked out a time from the library. Even reached the limit of books you can have out once or twice! I'll read anything from fiction to non-fiction - cook books, knitting books, gardening - latest reads include Kite Runner, Tall Grass and 19 Minutes.

4. I like to garden - Matt built me a 4'x4' raised garden box last year and we had so many cucumbers and tomatoes we were giving them away! This year I'm hoping to convince him to build me two more - another 4x4 and on 4x2 for little things like lettuce, onions, radishes and carrots!

5. I taught myself how to knit last year from a book called Stitch n Bitch. Pretty much an uber dork (knitting, reading, internet, gardening). Not too good yet but I can make scarves and hats!

6. I'm learning to sew! Matt surprised me with a sewing machine this summer! So far I've chugged out fairly simple things like dog pillows, hand warmers and crate covers!

7. I love learning new things! I like to keep up with what classes the central Indiana libraries and other organizations have and try to go as many as I can - went to a green class and sewing class last year. Hoping to make it to more this year - there's a watercolor painting class at Mooresville, tea making and aromatherapy!

8. Also love Yoga & Pilates!

9. I like to be busy - thrive on it actually. Though I do love quiet moments to read, etc. I like working on multiple projects, having places to go (apple orchards, wineries, parks, museums, etc). Really starting to love having people over for dinner now that we have a house and an actual dining room table!

10. I like to play Scrabble and know a few of those weird words you can play like qat and qis. I don't know what they mean - just that they are in the Scrabble dictionary! ;)

11. Love animals. We have a cat and two dogs. Would love to volunteer my time at our local animal shelter to give the lonely pets there some love and attention - just afraid I would come home with more!

12. I'm also a huge green geek. I like to bring my own bags to the grocery store, recycle or reuse as much as I can. We also compost all our food waste and even some of our kleenexes and paper towel.

13. I am in an IUPUI TV Commericial - or was, not sure if they air it anymore - back when I had long hair. I think I talk for like 20 seconds or less. LOL!

14. I was an IUPUI Top 100 Student in 2006 and was awarded the William M. Plater Service Medallion for my work in the Office of Community Service and with AmeriCorps America Reads program at IUPUI.

15. I can roll my tongue three times - looks weird.

16. I think the seasons are pretty - but would much rather be somewhere warmer - with sand and salt water.

17. I'm a beach comber at heart - don't be surprised if you see me picking up rocks, mini - pinecones and the like. We have an insane amount of seashells and things I've gleaned from beaches in my travels.

18. I have an arrowhead collection - found them all myself. :)

19. I have a twitter account - follow me! @smquaseb

20. A few of my favorite places to eat include PF Changs, Panda Express and Fireside Brew House.

21. I have a yoga ball as a chair at work - great on my lower back! I can hardly sit on any other kind of chair for every long.

22. I can't sleep without an eye mask and earplugs.

24. I can't survive winter without knee socks and tights - I'm always cold!

25. Will be married 5 years this summer to the man of my dreams! Love you Matthew!


Read an interested article about the 25 Things craze - explains it all! :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sneak Peek

My giveaway poll has been neck & neck this whole time!

I haven't decided, but at any rate here's a sneak peek of the baby hat I plan on having up for grabs. It's very Valentine's Daysey with its pinks, whites and browns.

My only fear, dear readers, is that I don't have a wee one at home to try it on for size - so I rely on what the pattern says fits a normal tot.

What do you think? Do you like it? Should I give it away?! Or go and knit another?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter Walk

Finally made it out of doors for the first time in what seems like forever with the frigid winter air we've been having here in Central Indiana. Sunday rolled around sunny and bright, the snow was melting and the cabin fever was running high. So, I roped up the pups, grabbed some poo bags and my camera and marched out into open air.

Walked the dogs on one of their favorite routes - out in front of our community we have a little "nature preserve". I would have never guessed that the line of brush leading to one of the man-made ponds we have was, in all actuality, a nature preserve if it wasn't for the signs posted every 20 ft. Perhaps my neighbor shouldn't have announced at our last HOA meeting that he eagerly shoots any muskrat he sees - seems like that would be against any sort of "nature preserve" code. Though they do reside mainly in our man-made ponds and not out in the brush.

I do know that bunnies abound in this area which equals out to LOTS of fun sniff time for the pup dogs. They might even catch a glimpse of one if they're quick enough - that is rare though because we sound like a herd of elephants coming through the weeds. Two tethered dogs, constantly getting tangled in each others leashes and a human stumbling and mumbling along behind the bounding mutts doesn't exactly spell out stealthy.

(Was that a bunny?!)

Pretty sure we found some deer poo - not certain that was it though - but was definitely too big for bunny poo. There was also clump of grey/brown hair nearby - maybe coyote? Anyhoo it was fab fun for the dogs - and good exercise for me.

Even got to snap lots of pretty pics of weeds in the snow - I'm sure the neighbors get a kick of out me. LOL. I'll spare you all the pics and just show you this one - though if you want to see more they are all on Facebook. :)