Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter Walk

Finally made it out of doors for the first time in what seems like forever with the frigid winter air we've been having here in Central Indiana. Sunday rolled around sunny and bright, the snow was melting and the cabin fever was running high. So, I roped up the pups, grabbed some poo bags and my camera and marched out into open air.

Walked the dogs on one of their favorite routes - out in front of our community we have a little "nature preserve". I would have never guessed that the line of brush leading to one of the man-made ponds we have was, in all actuality, a nature preserve if it wasn't for the signs posted every 20 ft. Perhaps my neighbor shouldn't have announced at our last HOA meeting that he eagerly shoots any muskrat he sees - seems like that would be against any sort of "nature preserve" code. Though they do reside mainly in our man-made ponds and not out in the brush.

I do know that bunnies abound in this area which equals out to LOTS of fun sniff time for the pup dogs. They might even catch a glimpse of one if they're quick enough - that is rare though because we sound like a herd of elephants coming through the weeds. Two tethered dogs, constantly getting tangled in each others leashes and a human stumbling and mumbling along behind the bounding mutts doesn't exactly spell out stealthy.

(Was that a bunny?!)

Pretty sure we found some deer poo - not certain that was it though - but was definitely too big for bunny poo. There was also clump of grey/brown hair nearby - maybe coyote? Anyhoo it was fab fun for the dogs - and good exercise for me.

Even got to snap lots of pretty pics of weeds in the snow - I'm sure the neighbors get a kick of out me. LOL. I'll spare you all the pics and just show you this one - though if you want to see more they are all on Facebook. :)


Alisha said...

I can't say that I miss Indiana winters. Four of them was plenty for me. :)
How did your Italian soup go?

Nadine said...

I also got outside with the dogs on Sunday for the first time in who knows how long.

My dogs like to eat bunny poo. Ew.

Electronic Goose said...

LOL. My dogs eat bunny poo too.

I can't wait for spring!