Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 Random Things

Originally written on Facebook, but thought I'd share - kinda been in a blogging slump.

1. Like Tracie - I also have my belly button pierced. I've had mine since I was a Sophomore in college and have had the same piece of jewelry in it for quite a long time now. It's hard to find non-ugly belly jewelry.

2. I am pretty much an internet addict - I love reading and writing blogs (have 3 of my own & write one so far for work), twitter (for myself and work), social networks like Facebook, Smaller Indiana, etc - though I'm not a fan of Myspace, I have WAY too many RSS feeds in my Google Reader (552 subscriptions in all). Don't have a smart phone though - I think it would only feed my addiction further. :)

3. I'm a huge bookworm - have over 20 books checked out a time from the library. Even reached the limit of books you can have out once or twice! I'll read anything from fiction to non-fiction - cook books, knitting books, gardening - latest reads include Kite Runner, Tall Grass and 19 Minutes.

4. I like to garden - Matt built me a 4'x4' raised garden box last year and we had so many cucumbers and tomatoes we were giving them away! This year I'm hoping to convince him to build me two more - another 4x4 and on 4x2 for little things like lettuce, onions, radishes and carrots!

5. I taught myself how to knit last year from a book called Stitch n Bitch. Pretty much an uber dork (knitting, reading, internet, gardening). Not too good yet but I can make scarves and hats!

6. I'm learning to sew! Matt surprised me with a sewing machine this summer! So far I've chugged out fairly simple things like dog pillows, hand warmers and crate covers!

7. I love learning new things! I like to keep up with what classes the central Indiana libraries and other organizations have and try to go as many as I can - went to a green class and sewing class last year. Hoping to make it to more this year - there's a watercolor painting class at Mooresville, tea making and aromatherapy!

8. Also love Yoga & Pilates!

9. I like to be busy - thrive on it actually. Though I do love quiet moments to read, etc. I like working on multiple projects, having places to go (apple orchards, wineries, parks, museums, etc). Really starting to love having people over for dinner now that we have a house and an actual dining room table!

10. I like to play Scrabble and know a few of those weird words you can play like qat and qis. I don't know what they mean - just that they are in the Scrabble dictionary! ;)

11. Love animals. We have a cat and two dogs. Would love to volunteer my time at our local animal shelter to give the lonely pets there some love and attention - just afraid I would come home with more!

12. I'm also a huge green geek. I like to bring my own bags to the grocery store, recycle or reuse as much as I can. We also compost all our food waste and even some of our kleenexes and paper towel.

13. I am in an IUPUI TV Commericial - or was, not sure if they air it anymore - back when I had long hair. I think I talk for like 20 seconds or less. LOL!

14. I was an IUPUI Top 100 Student in 2006 and was awarded the William M. Plater Service Medallion for my work in the Office of Community Service and with AmeriCorps America Reads program at IUPUI.

15. I can roll my tongue three times - looks weird.

16. I think the seasons are pretty - but would much rather be somewhere warmer - with sand and salt water.

17. I'm a beach comber at heart - don't be surprised if you see me picking up rocks, mini - pinecones and the like. We have an insane amount of seashells and things I've gleaned from beaches in my travels.

18. I have an arrowhead collection - found them all myself. :)

19. I have a twitter account - follow me! @smquaseb

20. A few of my favorite places to eat include PF Changs, Panda Express and Fireside Brew House.

21. I have a yoga ball as a chair at work - great on my lower back! I can hardly sit on any other kind of chair for every long.

22. I can't sleep without an eye mask and earplugs.

24. I can't survive winter without knee socks and tights - I'm always cold!

25. Will be married 5 years this summer to the man of my dreams! Love you Matthew!


Read an interested article about the 25 Things craze - explains it all! :)


Electronic Goose said...

You are so much fun! I love your enthusiasm for life; wish we could be friends in-person! #11--LOL, that's how we got our second dog, from volunteering at a shelter! But it's worth it, those animals need all the (volunteer) love they can get.

Stacy said...

Aw, thanks! :) If you're ever in Indy let me know - we should have coffee or lunch!