Thursday, September 25, 2014

Note to Self: Cacoa Nibs

So I had heard good things about the superfood cacoa nibs. How good it is for you and how it beats chocolate cravings etc. So when I was perusing through the new-to-me and utterly awesome Indianapolis based Under the Sun (UTS) store and came across a bag for $2.00 as opposed to the typical $6-$15 price range I had been seeing online and at health stores, I figured I would pick up a bag.

So sitting in the slightly sketchy looking UTS parking lot I decided to pop the bag open and shove a handful in my mouth. Looks like chocolate pieces, kinda smells like chocolate pieces, and heck I haven't even had breakfast yet and it is nearing 10:00 am now so why not?

Gag, sputter, cough!

Yeah, not what I was expecting. They are like super, ultra, uber DARK chocolate pieces but with a kinda nutty taste - not something you shove in by the handful. Maybe like 4-5 pieces a time or something.

The bag says to add it to smoothies! baking mixes! etc...and I am looking up some sort of candiefied recipe now haha. But yea word of warning for you. :)