Thursday, May 26, 2011

How I Sit

This is how our baby sits half the time...with one leg straight out and the other bent back...the best pose for mobility! :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Tall Small

She looks so big standing by herself now and yet so small in comparison to things like the glass door... Getting so big so fast!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Laney's Loves

It's fun watching her grow and seeing her develop a preference for toys and things. Here are two of Laney's current favorites - her sippy cup (with a soft spout she loves to chew on) and a plain old crinkly bag of wipes. That's entertainment.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Web Finds Wednesday - I am sure I posted this site before but it has good info! Especially for supply boosters etc!

Spoonflower - Design and print your own fabric design at $5 for a swatch and $18 for yard! Awesome idea!

Salad in Jar - fabulous idea!!

Get Your Own Handwriting as a Font (free!)

Make Your Own Chicken Stock Broth
(plus a cute pic of the bloggers daughter in a pot :) Makes me smile so I thought I'd share! teehee

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Her Mother's Daughter

This should be another post under "Laney's Loves" - maybe I will make that a new series! :) Our little love is developing quite an interest in household appliances - namely vacuums. She loves the big vacuum, our huge carpet cleaner, this little handheld guy and even the little stick vacuum we have. Silly girlie!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

On Poop and Popcorn

No visuals for you all today - figured the title was enough to gag a few of my readers. :) But for all the fellow mamas out there, have you noticed that, with exclusively breastfed babies, their poop smells like buttered popcorn??

My hubby even agrees on this one! Not that we are all down in the diaper sniffing things out. But if there's a dirty diaper in the trash or if you waltz past your little one not realizing they had a BM (bowel movement) - wahm! The smell of buttered popcorn hits your nostrils.

Sadly, now that a few solids are sneaking into her diet (bananas, squash, peas, etc) - the smell is not so nice. Distinct difference!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Web Finds Wednesday

A Mother's Boutique - Resources and Helpful Links for Breastfeeding

Craft Recipes - including sidewalk chalk! - Helping moms balance breast and bottle feeding

Bump Smitten - Baby shower inspiration blog

Updates about the Patrick the Pitbull - been reading and keeping up with the story of this miracle pup - such a sad story - but with what is looking like a happy ending - hopefully

ALC Tutors Needed - Johnson County Library (and I am sure at your local library as well) I love reading, trips the library are a weekly occurrence for us and was a reading coach for elementary children in college for a work-study program -  but this is an awesome opportunity to give back as well - helping tutor adults in reading/literacy. I have seen the tutors on occasion in the library and just recently looked up the info on their website.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Toys Smoys

Toys Smoys - This box is way cooler. Our little one is pulling herself up on everything. In fact I think the only reason she crawls is so she can reach an object (box, toy, rocking chair, etc) to pull herself up to standing. She can even "walk" across the room sliding the diaperbox along in front of her for support. She's a mover!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Adult Easter Egg Hunt 2011

We made it out again to the Indiana House Rabbit Society Adult Easter Egg Hunt. Though this time we did kinda break the rules and have a tot in tote. (we asked beforehand - and since she really wasn't going to be a huge help - i.e. strapped into the bjorn - they said it was ok) :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Update on Solids - 7 Months

So up until just about now - like literally yesterday, our baby has not been a huge fan of solids. Everyone, including us thought for sure she was ready to start chowing down. She was always reaching for our food and would practically drool over the smells from the kitchen. But, as it happens, when it came down to the actual experience of food in the mouth which we didn't start until the 6 month mark- it made her gag. She'd spit it out, or throw it all up in a crazy exorcist style manner after gagging - and this is super fine purreed store bought food. No chunks, no real flavor.

We tried rice cereal, we tried carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, pears, etc. Nothing really made it down the hatch.

So we backed off for awhile and would bring it up only every now and then to retest the solid-eating waters. And were mostly met with clamped lips, turned face and outright disinterest in the whole affair.

But now, lo and behold, she is now stating to (7 months) grab the spoon to get it towards her mouth (not to push it away like before) and food is making it down the hatch! :) She still occasionally gags over anything with chunks or that would need chewed/gummed etc - like those little freeze dried yogurt drops, etc - but she is heartily eating baby food. Yay so fun to watch her eat! Yay for banana orange medley - and apple rice cereal.

(the photo above is from her um-no-thankyou to baby food days - lol. She definitely has a "what the heck is this crap about" face. hehe) She would rather play with it than eat it at that point.

Will need to take an excited face here soon! (plus that was peas and who can honestly get excited about peas) :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Loving Thirty-One Gifts & Basket Love

I know I've seen this lovely basket somewhere before - probably a blog. When I looked up info about Thirty-One Gifts for an upcoming party that a fellow church member was throwing I all but cried for joy! I found it! Yay!

Such a lovely picnic/multi-use basket and reasonably priced too! $30 for the small and $38 for the big one.

I am slowly realizing that I have a small great love for baskets. I use them to house our little ones toys, our dogs toys, towels by the door for wet puppy feet, in the laundry room to corral and hide random detergent bottles, stain sticks, etc, in the bathroom for towels and misc items, in the livingroom to hide our hoard of mail and paper, theres a basket to hold my yarn - ok maybe two of them for that job, a basket with spools of ribbon in my craft area, basket on the kitchen counter to hold more important mail pieces...baskets, baskets, baskets! :)

And so now another will soon join our little basket family...yay!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shutterfly Photo Books are Addicting

Oh how I love to make these books! Such a great way to capture the memories - especially if you don't have the the time or patience to scrapbook.

I made this little book to capture the many great pictures from our pregnancy photo shoot. I interspersed the pages with tons of our favorite quotes and Bible verses about life, happiness, babies, daughters, being a mom, parent, etc. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Web Finds Wednesday

Mother 2

New Dad Manual

Lemonade Cake (baked in a lemon!)

Ican Play Case (iphone case for toddlers)

10 Uses for Empty Egg Shells (make sidewalk chalk, compost, clean teapot, etc!)

Old Fashioned Oatmeal Cookies