Thursday, January 10, 2013

Toddler Tales: How to Remove Non-Washable Marker from Skin

A trial by error experiment.

So recently my daughter got a ton of markers for Christmas and her birthday. She had been pretty good with them, until we were looking through pictures together and she noticed the picture from Halloween where we used little face paint crayons to draw a kitty nose and whiskers on her face. She decided then and there she wanted to do that again - but not remembering where we put the face crayons, my husband suggested using a marker. Yup, we painted her up like a cat - then each of us got drawn up as well - all fun and games - all fun and games...till two days later when you suspect your toddler is quietly drawing with her art set (which includes markers - of course) - then she comes up to you (I was typing up a reference letter for our daycare provider) with an open marker in hand pointed at your face with full intention of drawing on your face too - dear goodness this child had her face all sorts of pretty. :)

Here's evidence.

And here is how we removed it...le sigh.
- Place child in the tub for a warm, sudsy bath.
- Put baby oil on a cotton ball and gently scrub the skin.
- Use Clearisol or any other brand you have on hand if you have any face wipes scrubber things to gently scrub the skin.
(only if your child's skin isn't terribly sensitive - would not recommend for ages younger than 2)
- Alcohol based anti-bacterial (no water) hand soap - pump a little onto your finger tips and scrub.
- If you can locate the rubbing alcohol in your home - put some on a cotton ball and scrub.

The marks were barely there after this! :)

The markers in question were not specifically labelled as being washable of course - I don't think any of the ones she has are - except some fun window ones - or it would have came off much easier with just soap and water I am sure.

What doesn't work suprisingly:
- make up remover
- exfoliating face scrub
- soap and water