Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kitchenwork = Yawn

One of the rare moments that Delaney has actually fallen asleep in her bouncy seat. I can only recall this happening one other time when she fell asleep in one as I took a bath...the water was running and the soothing sound must have knocked her out.

This time I was in the kitchen putting away dishes, reorganizing the tupperware and dusting the cabinets. Every time I looked over at her - her eyes would droop and droop. I was chattering away about what piece of tupperware we should keep and what we should throw away etc and the next thing I know she was out! :)

Web Finds Wednesday

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Great Great

Great Great Grand-Daughter and Great Great Grandma! :)

Breast Pad Review, Why Medela is the Best

Left to Right: Avent, Medela, Lansinoh

 Yup, this blog is officially going to the mom-blog end of the spectrum! :) One of the things that you seem to get a lot of throughout your pregnancy is samples. Samples from the hospital, samples from your doctor and just randomly in the mail. Samples of detergent, formula, nipple cream and breast pads. Being the frugalista that I am I, of course, hoarded each and every one of these samples.

They do come in handy and let you try different brands without emptying your wallet on the full size versions.

I am sure if you breastfeed that you've heard that Medela is the best brand of pump you can get your mitts on. They are the most expensive but also the most effective and when it comes to your milk supply no amount of money is too much.

Well, ladies and the random gent who may be reading along, Medela also has the best breast pads out there. I've tried Avent and Lansinoh and the reusable cotton kinds - but hands down it is Medela.

Lansinoh really shocked me with the obvious lack of quality. As a brand, I considered them near the same level as Medela. Their breast pads are almost the same size as Medelas and generally the same thickness but it is like comparing cheap toilet paper next to a roll of Cottonelle. The Lansinoh pads crinkle quite audibly when handled which is a tad embarrassing. I don't enjoy my chest crinkling when I move, thanks. And there's this weird powdery yet kinda sandy residue that comes out of them and into your shirt. Sounds fun huh? Oh it gets better...when you leak, like I tend to do ALL THE TIME, which is why I am wearing these darn things to begin with...the Lansinoh pads get this bizarre crunchy hardnes on the inside of the pad. I am assuming that the powdery, sandy stuff absorbs the moisture and then turns hard as a result. Yeah no, not for me thanks so much.

Then there are the Avent pads which are decent in the absorption department and no weird sandy stuff to speak of, but they are insanely small and a tad too thick. These puppies can probably be seen through your shirt which isn't fun.

So, yay, Medela and your perfectly sized and shaped breast pads with their smart little pleat and magical moisture control! You rock! A box of 50 (which only equals out to 25 pairs if you think about it) only costs $9.99 - not too bad. And the Medelas can really hold up - I have quite the let-down that can soak through both a tank top and a sweat shirt if I am not careful in the mornings - but the Medelas keep me dry and comfortable. 

The cotton reusable pads are okay if you're wearing a thick cupped bra that would hide their girth. They are thick but if you're a leaky lady like me they don't stay dry...wet cloth wedged up in your shirt for any length of time is not a blast.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Tricks

I love watching my baby grow. It is so amazing to watch as she learns new things. Our newest tricks at almost 3 months are cooing in conversation, grabbing hair and sweater strings and standing (assisted of course!).

Monday, December 27, 2010

Boobtopia: Doorhangers for Breastfeeding

I am so need a set of these to keep in my pump bag and diaper bag! :)

$12.95 for a set of 4 at Egg2Cake

Children Live Here Poem

Children Live Here
by Heather of Musing Mommy

When we welcome you here today
We hope that you enjoy your stay
But one thing we ask you hold dear
Please remember: children live here

There are toys on the floor
Some marks on the door
Clothes scattered in the hall
And marker on the wall
We'll repaint it someday
But we have no time today

There are things in the sink
A Barbie skating rink
This stuff doesn't bother us
And real friends don't raise a fuss
They know the reason is clear
Yes, they know children live here

Instead of cleaning the wall
We went out and learned about Fall
In lieu of the porch being swept
I held the baby who slept
Those clothes were for dress up
While I cleaned a bigger mess up
And the noise tells everyone near
There's no doubt children live here

The happy laughter means more
Than seeing all of the floor
And please respect those kids
For this home is hers and his
We hold our family dear
And you knew children live here.

Monday, December 13, 2010