Saturday, August 10, 2013

There's More to the State Fair than Food & Rides

What I like about making our annual trip or two to the Indiana State Fair every year is that is it about so much more than just food and rides, in fact, if we can manage it we avoid those altogether - bringing our own food and drink, etc. So much money and a gut-ache afterwards. Yes, of course, there is the obligatory Lemon Shake Up and we do usually end up buying something yummy to split and eat - but for the most part - the fair, for us, is not so much about those things.

Why we visit the fair is more for the experience, creating memories as a family, and to learn new things. Which we certainly did during Indiana’s Family of Farmers Blogger Day at the Indiana State Fair on Monday, August 5!

We visited the DuPontFood Pavilion where we watched the Food Demo stage in the Red Gold Culinary Corner and heard great cooking tips and so much more. 

Then we caught a ride on the Soy Biodiesel Tractor Shuttle to the north side of the fairgrounds, - the shuttle is the WAY to go at the fair with little ones in tow. ($1 per person per ride - 2 and under are free)


We experienced the brand new Glass Barn and watched a live video chat with Heather from Hill Farm at 11 a.m. Got an inside peek into pig farming and go to see cute squiggly, wiggly baby piggies. What is great about these video chats and the exhibit at the Glass Barn is that it makes you truly realize that there are FAMILIES (people, men, women, and children) behind the farms that produce our food.

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We're headed back to the fair for trip #2 here soon! 

Pregnancy Skin Issues Begone with Beaute De Maman

Had the pleasure of trying the awesome Beaute de Maman line of skincare products developed by a board-certified OBGYN especially for the delicate skin of pregnant women - and while at first a little skeptical of noticing any sort of different beyond the already gentle approach I was taking - I was blown away.

I am typically not one for boutique skin creams as I prefer to be able to grab my beauty products at any local grocery - I am, after all, a busy mama! (the Beaute de Maman website says you can find their products at CVS now!) One stop trips are key nowadays. Sadly I still have a Kohl's gift card from Christmas 2012 I haven't used yet because I just never make it that direction - but I have SOOO been meaning too - this mama is in need of a new wallet and purse - mine is looking downright shabby :/ - wallet is missing the zipper pull and the interior coin zipper is broken and the purse is getting worn edges. Work, home, grocery store, park, not much time or energy for extra trips with a toddler in tow to just pleasure shop. Oy.

Anyways, back to this skincare line. :) Sorry, got off track for a bit.

Between the face and body acne cream and the facial scrub blackheads that have been on my nose for as long as I can remember have vanished - and we are talking post baby #1 blackheads here!  Pretty much a miracle worker this stuff! In fact I plan on using it after pregnancy to see if it will continue to help with light my adult acne issues - because it most definitely cleared everything up and nothing that I have before now has! It is made with gentle and natural ingredients like tea tree oil - which you can smell hints of in the acne cream and with hormones being crazy with breastfeeding etc I am sure I will get way more than 9 months of benefit out of these products.

If you are suffering from pregnancy skin issues, like hormone induced acne, sensitive skin when you didn't have that before, and stretch marks - this line is a great product to try. I imagine if you are not accustomed to the smell of tea tree oil that that might set you back at first on the acne cream, but I found it was still just faint enough to not bother my queasy tummy and the facial scrub is indeed a scrub which I don't prefer to use everyday - just feels so harsh to have sharp, rough granules scrap at your face both morning and night - this typically doesn't bother me at all but if I am having a particularly sensitive night it does.

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Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe would be good for my readers.