Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Web Finds Wednesday

A Mother's Boutique - Resources and Helpful Links for Breastfeeding

Craft Recipes - including sidewalk chalk! - Helping moms balance breast and bottle feeding

Bump Smitten - Baby shower inspiration blog

Updates about the Patrick the Pitbull - been reading and keeping up with the story of this miracle pup - such a sad story - but with what is looking like a happy ending - hopefully

ALC Tutors Needed - Johnson County Library (and I am sure at your local library as well) I love reading, trips the library are a weekly occurrence for us and was a reading coach for elementary children in college for a work-study program -  but this is an awesome opportunity to give back as well - helping tutor adults in reading/literacy. I have seen the tutors on occasion in the library and just recently looked up the info on their website.

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