Friday, May 6, 2011

Loving Thirty-One Gifts & Basket Love

I know I've seen this lovely basket somewhere before - probably a blog. When I looked up info about Thirty-One Gifts for an upcoming party that a fellow church member was throwing I all but cried for joy! I found it! Yay!

Such a lovely picnic/multi-use basket and reasonably priced too! $30 for the small and $38 for the big one.

I am slowly realizing that I have a small great love for baskets. I use them to house our little ones toys, our dogs toys, towels by the door for wet puppy feet, in the laundry room to corral and hide random detergent bottles, stain sticks, etc, in the bathroom for towels and misc items, in the livingroom to hide our hoard of mail and paper, theres a basket to hold my yarn - ok maybe two of them for that job, a basket with spools of ribbon in my craft area, basket on the kitchen counter to hold more important mail pieces...baskets, baskets, baskets! :)

And so now another will soon join our little basket family...yay!

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Tracy said...

My name is Tracy, and I'm a basket addict too!

I'm an Independent Thirty-One consultant, if you ever need anything else or are interested in hosting an online/catalog party to earn free products and feed your addiction (lol) just let me know! I make online parties super easy for my hostesses!

I also have a personal blog:

Thanks for showing your Thirty One love!