Saturday, May 7, 2011

Update on Solids - 7 Months

So up until just about now - like literally yesterday, our baby has not been a huge fan of solids. Everyone, including us thought for sure she was ready to start chowing down. She was always reaching for our food and would practically drool over the smells from the kitchen. But, as it happens, when it came down to the actual experience of food in the mouth which we didn't start until the 6 month mark- it made her gag. She'd spit it out, or throw it all up in a crazy exorcist style manner after gagging - and this is super fine purreed store bought food. No chunks, no real flavor.

We tried rice cereal, we tried carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, pears, etc. Nothing really made it down the hatch.

So we backed off for awhile and would bring it up only every now and then to retest the solid-eating waters. And were mostly met with clamped lips, turned face and outright disinterest in the whole affair.

But now, lo and behold, she is now stating to (7 months) grab the spoon to get it towards her mouth (not to push it away like before) and food is making it down the hatch! :) She still occasionally gags over anything with chunks or that would need chewed/gummed etc - like those little freeze dried yogurt drops, etc - but she is heartily eating baby food. Yay so fun to watch her eat! Yay for banana orange medley - and apple rice cereal.

(the photo above is from her um-no-thankyou to baby food days - lol. She definitely has a "what the heck is this crap about" face. hehe) She would rather play with it than eat it at that point.

Will need to take an excited face here soon! (plus that was peas and who can honestly get excited about peas) :)

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Joanna said...

Cute! We have the official go-ahead from our doctor to start solids, but I'm going to be like you & wait until closer to 6 months. He's definitely showing an interest while we eat! Maybe, like Delaney, he won't be interested in the actual food for a while, though.