Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Mystery

Usually Matt and I have our Valentine's Day all planned out - gift exchange in the morning and dinner reservations in the evening with a fun jaunt about town or something in the afternoon. But this year, all I know for the certain is the gift exchange.

Well, at least I KNOW that I got him something - it isn't wrapped but it is craftily hid away somewhere in the house... or garage... or my car (gotta keep the suspense...he reads my blog).

The last few days though have been a blur - he's been working funky hours again so I only see him in passing. I'm in bed when he gets home, he's in bed when I get up and then he's at work when I get home. :(

So lord knows what we are doing tomorrow for the day of love. I haven't made any reservations - though now I wish I would have - dinner at Palomino sounds nice.

He does have tomorrow off so we will get to actually be together for Valentine's Day. :) We are saps like that. You should hear the quote he found in a book he's reading - this wonderfully sappy love quote. Sigh.

I hope all of you have marvelous plans for Valentine's Day or some sort of anti-Valentine's day agenda. As long as you do something fun! :)

Happy Valentine's Day!


Nadine said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

A box of wine from a local winery arrived for me. Always a nice gift...

Stacy said...

Nadine - Oh that IS a good gift!!