Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Ideas, Recipes & More

(Don't ya love my new office mug?? - found it 50% off)

Here I was saying I didn't have any blog fodder, then I go and whip out three posts - go figure. :)

Breakfast in Bed - Menu Suggestions? From Apartment Therapy's The Kitchen
We do have a white tray we keep the mail in that would serve quick nicely as a breakfast in bed tray. Hint, hint to the husband. :) Unless of course I wake up first, which is more likely, so this may backfire on me.

Valentine Oatmeal & Cookie Bars
- from Chubba Gurl - Um...? Yum!!

Valentine's Giveaway at Pink Chaulk Studio (for all those fellow fabric fashionistas) Winners will be drawn Monday!

How to Make Valentine's Love Boats

Love to Print Giveaway at Design For Mankind - Only 24 hours to enter!

Ecojotter February Giveaway: Love According To You

TONS of Valentine's fun at Please Sir

Heart Shaped Foods for Valentine's Day

Squirrely Valentine Paper Cutting Proj.

Kate Spade Valentine E-Cards

Valentine Round Up at Party Perfect


Electronic Goose said...

Rock! Your links are the best (and those giveaways are great!), thanks for sharing. Happy Valentine's Day!

Stacy said...

Aw, thanks! Glad someone enjoys them - besides me. :)!

Momma Val said...

I just gave you an award. Come see!