Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wasted Saturdays

This morning was rough one. Woke up early to head to the gym with my love despite all the signs my body was giving me to stay in bed (headache, achy eyes, general grumpiness). I thought these signs of sleepiness or impending sickness would wear off - not so much.

Started with dropping yogurt on my new scarf, then the water in my water bottle tasted mildew (either our fridge has a filter that needs changed or the water gets yuck if we don't use it often) - almost duked it out with the sales guy at Verizon (I had seen a price online that was different that the store and we waited 45 min. in line to be told it that) - the smell of my hubby's gum made me want to puke (strawberry banana). Just general displeasure at everything - arg!

As you can tell I was pretty disagreeable today - I ended up napping on the couch till 6:30. I feel better now but not motivated. I hate wasted Saturdays. :( There was so much I wanted to do!


Nadine said...

My Saturday wasn't that yucky, but I was restless and anxious most of the day. I couldn't sit down and do my homework like I needed to. Hopefully today goes better for both of us!

Electronic Goose said...

Sorry to hear--I know what you mean about feeling like you wasted a day. If it makes you feel better, I like your new shoes pic in your banner. You have great taste!

Stacy said...

Nadine - It must be the warmer weather - making everyone a little kooky! Today is going better for me - hope it is for you as well!

Electronic Goose - Thank you! It does make me feel better!! :) They were on sale at Target (of course!).