Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mmmm Lava Cake!

Did you know you can cook a pretty darn good chocolate molten lava cake with a rice cooker pan and a microwave??! Yup, you can and it is delicious!!

Hosted a Pampered Chef party in my home this weekend and really had a great time - I love their microwave recipes! So quick and easy! And that is without even mentioning all their nifty products!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately - rather wore out from cleaning, work and for a second there I thought I was coming down with something - but alas I am feeling fine!

Hoping to make it out to Brown County with the hubby yet this weekend - so good pics and stories are soon to follow!!


Momma Val said...

Were you feeling under the weather or in the pink? JK! Just excited for the day I read that post on here :) Lava cake in the microwave, I cannot honestly say that sounds good but I will take your word for it. Remember in the late 80's early 90's when microwave cake mixes were the rage? Brown County must be a fabulous fall destination, looking forward to the pics and post. WAS wondering what happened to the "Squirrel's Chatter."

Stacy said...

Definitely just under the weather! :) But one day that post will come - maybe late next year or early the year after...maybe. ;)

The cake didn't look pretty but it did taste pretty darn good! I don't remember the microwave cake rave - but I wish I did - I love anything quick and easy!

Aw, thanks for wondering about it me!? Makes me feel loved!

How's the little one's finger doing? Is he going to be petrified of goats now - poor thing - I know I am now!