Thursday, October 9, 2008

Picking Out Our Pumpkins

It never feels like quite like fall without picking out our pumpkins. That's right! So, what if we don't have kids or that we aren't 10 anymore - I like carving pumpkins darn it! I love that smell, the gunk between my fingers, roasting the seeds - and the look of a lit jack-o-lantern.

Most recently I've discovered that there's more beyond the standard orange pumpkin. There's the oh-so-lovely white pumpkin, the simply marvelous gray pumpkin and the absolutely fantastic pale orange pumpkins.

This year we picked up our pumpkins at pumpkin patch my husband stumbled upon earlier in the week. Just check out the great produce!

I haven't full decked out our fall front porch yet so - more pics will soon follow!


Amy said...

My kids have been begging me to go to the pumpkin patch. I love the pumpkin patch. It's just something about taking 4 overly excitable kids that makes me dread it....
Thanks for stopping by and entering my little giveaway!

Sarah Pead said...

Pumpkins?! I love pumpkins! Dustin and I and the in-laws are going to Apple Works today! I can't wait to pick out a pumpkin or two!!!

Lauren said...


Matt's Miscellany said...


I thought you weren't playing this week. Love ya.

Did you notice that Carrie posted you as "Mrs. Matt's Miscellany"...Hehehe.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I love those little pumpkins...I need to take my kids and I to go and pick some out! :)

Electronic Goose said...

Beautiful pics--and a much happier story than Momma Val's!

Stacy said...

Amy - The pumpkin patch is always a favorite! I hope I still love it when I have kids - the smell in the air, the search for the perfect pumpkin - lovely!

Sarah - Hope you had a great time at Apple Works - Matt and are hoping to make it out to Anderson Apple Orchard here soon!

Lauren - thanks!

Matt - Yeah, lol! :) Love you!

Shelle - I can't believe it's October already - how can it be time to pick out our pumpkins? I swear we just had the 4th of July! Where does time go?!

Electronic Goose - I much agree - boy little guy! That was one dreadful bite! Makes me a little freaked out by goats now.