Thursday, October 23, 2008

Poor Pup

Yeah, so this pitiful pup cost us a hefty chunk of molah at the vet today - darn dog.

Apparently she has seasonal allergies and began chewing a hole in her tail to make the itching stop.

One Cortisone shot, a shave, and a prescription to a spray med later - she is a much happier pup.

Nicht so happy in this pic my hubby shot with his camera phone - for a few days there we were trying to wait it out hoping it was just a hot spot and that by making her wear the collar she would stop biting it and it would didn't.

As you can also see there is no deck in our backyard - we have decided to forgo the idea for now since our HOA took its time in getting our approval to us and now it is too late in the season to even enjoy the benefits of a deck - yeah, so we will revisit the idea again next year as the weather warms back up.

Oh, and there in the corner is our little garden with the STUPID cherry tomato plants STILL going at it - I am about to rip them out of the ground - NO MORE, I SAY NO MORE!


BerryBird said...

Poor Puppy is right! My parents had a dog with allergies that caused him to chew like that. They eventually ended up switching his food to this weird fish and potato blend. It helped, but let me tell you, dogbreath is nothing compared to fishy dogbreath. Ick!

Hope the meds clear things up for Showbiz.

Momma Val said...

Awww! Hope he feels better soon.

prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

Sam has allergies and takes Chlor-Trimeton (the 8-hr people version). Our vet recommended it. It's inexpensive and works for us. ;)

Stacy said...

berrybird - Thankfully it isn't her food - I don't think. I hope not...fishy breath would be no fun and I bet it is a pain to make!

Momma Val - Yes, she is much better already thanks!

Ann - Who do you go for your vet here on the southside? I want to go there instead! I was asking ours about that - if I could give her something but they insisted on seeing her which resulted in $100 vet bill after it all said and fun!

alli said...

I always think it makes the poor dogs look pathetic when they have to wear those! I hope everything gets better.

By the way, as I told you that I am starting to become more and more interested in blogs, I've just spent forever putting off writing an essay and instead reading many of your old blog posts, Kir's, and other people's. I am quickly becoming addicted! : )

Momma Val said...

Our dog has tons of issues: hair, skin, stomach. We have found that Royal Canin Special 25 is the ONLY thing that does not bother him. We have tried everything under the sun. Not sure if it's a food thing but if it comes to that, may want to give it a try. You can also try using the salmon oil in their dry food which is supposed to help dogs alot.