Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Join the Squirrel Chatter Minions

Getting pretty fancy with the blogging efforts here lately. You should join in the fun!

1. Follow me on Twitter (not that I am twittering too often)

2. Add Squirrel Chatter and Confessions of a Design Junkie to your Reading List
(This is really cool! Blogger has set up a snazzy new "Blogs I am Following" feature where you can add blogs either by copy and pasting in the url or straight from your Google Reader into a special list. It is like a fan club and favorite blogs list of sorts. Here's a link for more info.)

3. Join My Blog Network on Facebook
Apparently for it to work I have to have 20+ readers. Sigh. So help me out and join my reader list!


TMC said...

I'm 2 for 3! Gold star for me! : )

I'd be 3 for 3 but I gave up on the fb/myS thing for a while. If I go back, I'll befriend you.

Stacy said...

TMC - Definite gold star for you! :) Thanks for following my blog!

Nadine said...

I'd be happy to be your facebook friend but I'm incognito so I wouldn't want the rest of my nonblogger friends knowing I have a blog. Does that make sense? :-)

Stacy said...

Yes - it makes sense! I didn't reveal my blog to my friends for quite some time - many still don't quite get it - but oh well. Whatever you feel most comfortable doing! :) I am sure they would love it though - I know I enjoy reading it.