Monday, September 29, 2008

Adventures in Desk Refinishing 1

I must say that I do have quite a few hobbies going here - what with the sewing, knitting, and gardening. Well, now I'm starting to refinish furniture. I've been inspired by so many marvelous bloggers and their many inspirational projects. There is something quite satisfying in finding a bargain desk or piece of furniture and turning into your own with a little elbow grease.

My Inspiration:
1. Filing cabinet redo at Design Sponge
2. Blueline's Bookcase Two Ways
3. Furniture Redo at jcaroline
4. Before and After Radio Table at Design Sponge
5. Before and After Chair at Design Sponge

A trip to one of our local Goodwill's landed us with this perfect little desk for only 19.99!We currently have a large L-shaped desk made from pressed wood - but we've been wanting something smaller and prettier. I already had an electric sander I've borrowed from my Aunt Krista for another refinished project (our outdoor coffee table) so - after a trip to Lowes for snazzy new hardware, flat black paint and sand paper and I started sanding away.

(see the silver new hardware we bought? now imagine the desk black and the old hardware gone - nice, huh?)

About a half an hour into sanding, sweating profusely from working in the stuffy garage with the door shut and my arms numb from the hand sander and my ears ringing - it dawned on me. I should have stripped it first - duh!

Another trip to Lowes for CitrusStrip and now I am officially on the path to getting this puppy finished!

Oh! And when my husband was unloading the desk from our car a Swiss half franc fell out - kinda cool! :)

My Resources:
How to Refinish A Desk -


Momma Val said...

That is too cool. You do not need to strip if you sand well and use a primer. Save your money and all the mess. Very cool though. Excited for you. I love refinishing stuff. Good luck! Don't forget to sand lightly after primer and paint coats too if you have dribbles or get sloppy or gloppy.

Momma Val said...

Using a small roller may give a more even finish than brushing.

BerryBird said...

My, you do stay busy! I can't wait to see the finished desk.

Stacy said...

Momma Val - Thanks for the tip! I already bought all the stripping stuff - oh well! I needed it anyway for a coffee table that needs refinished - it was previously painted with that texture stuff from a can - so it is going to need some heavy duty stripping! (bought it at a garage sale for $2).

Berrybird - Yeah, I like to be busy - can't sit still. :) I will be sure to post the finished product!

Kristin Roach said...

Oh that will look so great! Good call on the stripping. You will have to show us pictures when you get it finished up (which I'm still delinquent on with my refinished dresser, haha).