Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Web Finds Wednesday!

Haha, these little comics by Natalie Dee are great! I remember seeing them once a while ago but the wonderful blogger at Cardboard see reminded me. Oh the hilariousness of it all!

Below are the ones that made me crack up (aka reminded me of myself, etc):


Rosemarie said...

These are hilarious! I love 'em!!

Nikki Goedeker said...

Thanks, these cracked me up!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

those are hilarious! lol!

Stacy said...

Rosemarie - They certainly gave me a good case of the chuckles! I just knew I had to share a few of them with you all!

Nikki - Aren't they great?! They had me laughing out loud - I want one as my screensaver - they are so true...especially the bath produce and cleaning one. :)

Shelle - Thanks for stopping by my blog! Isn't Natalie Dee grand?!