Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Machine Sewing 101 Class

Ha, this class was great! Considering it has been YEARS since I have been close to a sewing machine, let alone USING one - it went well!

I think they highly underestimated my beginner level when they started us off sewing a straight line. For one I needed a refresher on the how the damn thing even operated. How to put the foot and needle down, how to thread it, how to keep it from becoming unthreaded, how to sew a straight line without everything getting wonky....yeah...I am THAT much of a beginner. Hey, the invite said no experience needed - and I definitely fit the bill! :)

First project was this lovely tote...all it needs now are some marvelous embellishments! I gotta visit Joanns for some inspiration! I was really surprised at how easy it was.

Project #2 Was this lovely fleece cap. I like how it was quick and the fabric hides mistakes well. Just needs a poof for something for the top (maybe) and it's good to go!

Thankfully, one of the library staff members was on hand during the class, in addition to two members of the Indianapolis Chapter of the American Sewing Guild, to get me started and keep me from getting too flustered.

I managed to chug out a fairly decent tote and fleece hat in 2 hours. Pretty nifty if I do say so myself.

I really love taking classes like that - meeting new people, learning something new, and I especially love how everyone (mostly me) looks so darn lost the whole time (except the one super expert sewer who came though I am really not sure why - the class was clearly titled 101...not 200 or 500 level here - B.A.S.I.C.S. and of course she was buddied up with me (the slowest in the class) - we all had to pair up on machines).

Sadly, I did not see a glimpse of Amy Butler or Heather Bailey designs that I oh so love...which is probably best considering I can't even keep my stitches straight.

Practice baby, practice- just gotta get my paws on a machine now! I work so much better when no one is watching - a lot less flustery and and a lot less mistakes. I feel like I have the time to figure things out - and a class like this, where time was limited I felt a little rushed and I had four people peering over my shoulder - so it was kinda nerve wracking.


This month in National Sewing Month - hence the special class my local library.

Check out your local library for cool (and usually free) classes!


D'Rae said...

Where was this class at? Do they offer more?

Stacy said...

D'rae - Oh! I should have posted about that! Sorry! I took the class at my local library. I was so surprised to find out how many cool (and free) classes the library has to offer. Last month I took a Living, Lean and Green class at my friend's library which got me into looking into what my own had to offer and that is how I came across the sewing class.

They don't have any more lined up but everyone expressed interest to the instructors that we would love it if they would have more classes on sewing. So I hope they can put it into the works! One of the instructors mentioned that she could do a pajama bottoms class - that would be great! I will have to keep my eyes open if they decide to put more on the calendar.

I think they were a little blown away by the attendance and interest. They only had 15 spots and it was full with 5 people on the waiting list when we were still a week away from the date!

So check out your local library's calendar and see what they have going on! Thanks for stopping by! I love reading your blog each day!

Nadine said...

Wow! Who knew the library had such cool classes?! I'm super impressed with you. I would love to learn how to use a sewing machine.

Sew Whats New said...

I saw this post because I have a Google Alert anytime American Sewing Guild is mentioned. It is a great organization and is trying to attract new and younger members. Try to find a chapter near you and check it out. If you want to learn to sew, check your local sewing machine retailer or ask the ASG president nearest you by going to the site and looking in the Chapters section. There are links to all chapter presidents and some chapter web sites. We love to teach and share our knowledge.

prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

great fun! did you know Clementine's has a patchwork class right now? so, when are you getting a sewing machine?!

Stacy said...

Nadine - I know I was surprised that the library had such great programs. Thanks for all the encouragement! You are wonderful!

Sew What's New - Yes! The local chapter taught the class I went too and I do have the instructor's contact info - thanks!

PrairieVision - No, I didn't know that but I will have to check it out now! AND my husband just got me a sewing machine today - as a surprise. (I am a tad spoiled) ;) I can't wait to get started!!