Sunday, September 7, 2008

Enjoying Indiana's Nicest Day at the Penrod Arts Fair

Volunteered at the Herron Alumni booth this weekend at the Penrod Arts Fair (with the husband in tow of course!). I had never been until this weekend, sadly, and was easily overwhelmed at the size of the event! I had checked out their website before going and, let me tell you, it is definitely played down compared to what the event truly had to offer. 300+ artists were in attendance as well as over 50 non-profit arts-related organizations - amazing! It truly was "Indiana's Nicest Day."

My first clue about the sheer size of the event should have been the vast and well-organized parking. Various parking lots near the IMA grounds were marked as Penrod Parking - and there were plenty! Free shuttles from the parking lots quickly took everyone straight to the action. This really enabled a TON of people to easily and painlessly get the IMA and enjoy the fun.

The IMA is such a lovely place to facilitate an outdoor event. The large trees and beautiful gardens added a wonderful new element to the already perfect day. The IMA grounds made the fair seem never ending - every corner you turned you found more booths, more food and more fun!

Will definitely be back next year!


prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

We had planned to go but stayed home. My soul needed some gardening and a nap. ;) Glad you were able to enjoy it.

Stacy said...

It was very busy! I did a lot of gardening too - sadly not so much napping...though I need one now!