Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day, everyone! I will be spending the day with our good friends -helping them pack up in preparation of their close date coming up here in less than 20 days! They just bought a house in our neighborhood - just two streets over! I am bringing over markers and margaritas! Who said packing can't be fun?!

Sadly, Matthew will be laboring away on this Labor Day - he is scheduled for a 11 and a half hour shift. :(

I leave you with a picture of my favorite weed. Queen's Ann lace - we have so much of it growing in the two vacant fields near our house...ah, the beauty of a weed. :)


Electronic Goose said...

Gorgeous pic! Enjoy your friends, and those margaritas!

Stacy said...

Thanks! We never quite got to the margaritas - just lots of packing, visiting and playing with their bubbly 8 month baby boy!

The said...

Gorgeous picture... you are good friend.. especially bringing the margaritas!