Monday, September 1, 2008

Planning Our Fall Garden

Been getting a little down lately about our garden. It has been on this slope of decline since the beginning of August. I had planted everything so early (end of April) that most of the plants have already passed their prime - leaves were drying up, vines were no longer bearing flowers, it was a sad sight.

Being new to gardening, I really didn't know much about planting a fall garden, but Matt sent me an article he found about it and, WOAH NELLY, I am excited again!

The picture above shows my fall planting...well you can see the dirt where the seeds were planted... (with my a few of my spring plantings still flourishing - cherry tomatoes, bell pepper and onions) - I sowed peas, carrots, radishes, lettuce, cucumbers and white pumpkins! Hopefully they all mature and bear their produce before the first frost - either way I am super excited to be able to keep tending to my garden!

And wow, does our backyard look toasty. Our weather forecast doesn't call for rain until Friday and only calls for a few showers at best....then we have to wait until Monday and Tuesday of next week for another CHANCE of showers. Arg! We are already pulling out the sprinkler for the front yard - looks like we may have to do the same for the back! :(

More info on fall gardens:
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Momma Val said...

Gosh yes about the dryness. I have had the sprinkler out all summer and shift it around and try to water new plantings. I like your new excitement about your fall garden. Good luck! Think April might be a little early. I always remember hearing people say not to plant gardens until around Mother's Day. Hoping that I can plant a veggie or two next year. I can't get enough of the garden fresh veggies. I just ate a big bowl of garden fresh tomatoes and cucumbers all cut up and drizzled with Italian dressing. YUM! My hubby's working too tonight :(

Stacy said...

Yeah, I planted late April 29th. Everything was really good - lots of produce...but it all ended earlier. That's ok though since I can start earlier on my fall garden! Woot! :)

tina said...

I thought your spring garden was great! And your fall garden will be too.

Stacy said...

Thanks for the encouragement Tina! :)