Sunday, August 31, 2008

Laundry Room Redo Ideas

Picture #1: My laundry all its plain jane glory.

Picture #2: A view up at the shelving space we have.

Inspiration #1: Saucy from Bloggedy Blog Blog's laundry room is absolutely fabulous! I love the little tins she has...and the colors of it all...sigh!

Inspiration #2 Take 90 West's great laundry room - oh LOVE the idea of painting the walls and the monogram! I think the laundry room is definitely neglected in the home...And she has shelving similar to ours, so I can really envision how this could work in our room. I am thinking of beachy color schemes...blues, browns, tans...and some how I think the green pictured below would work in...maybe. :)

So here's what I am looking at so far - green cloth bins from Target for the overhead storage of various odds n ends (cleaning products, etc).

And galvanized bin like this on the white stand...or a mixture of both depending on what I can find.


Momma Val said...

WOW! You really know how to live it up on a holiday weekend. JK! I'm partying in the dirt (yardwork). I also hang clothes above the machines. I had an old shower curtain rod that I hung up. I want to hang up the board and iron too. We use it like once a year but I can't part with it. My laundry room is teeny and I use every tiny bit of it BUT it is really ugly and needs some prettying up. Think I'll make it one of my indoor projects for winter time. EWWWW! The tiles are gold stick on, really bad. Yours is much nicer. Love the fancy laundry room with the stairs in the background. It must be part of the house that people pass near or in alot. Thanks for the inspiration.

Kir said...

We just re-did (is that a word? feels wrong to type it like that) our laundry room/half bath. It was unfinished cedar siding that had seen better days and previous-owner-probably-handmade cabinets painted dark olive green. None of the doors hung straight. There are two big cabinets over the washer and dryer and one floor to ceiling cabinet beside them. Then a cabinet/vanity under the bathroom sink.
So we replaced the sink with a pedestal sink and I scrubbed up the faucet so we wouldn't have to replace that. Took off the cabinet doors and put up curtains in their place (bought some fabric at Jo-Ann--white with navy blue floral pattern--very summery and light) and painted the walls and trim white. I got navy blue rugs for the floor (by sink and door to outside) and a bright red hand towel.
Every time I walk in there now, I feel like I'm stepping into a bright day! It's so much more refreshing and peaceful than the cavelike feeling of all that dark wood.

Stacy said...

Momma Val - Oh yes! We know how to live it up! :) I partied in the garden too - planting my fall garden! No, we are just enjoying the calm weekend while we have it - usually we have so much going on we are overwhelmed - so it is nice to have nothing going on for once. Plus, the hubby has to work 7am-8pm today (labor day) - so we rested up during the weekend. I air dry a lot of my clothes so I am so glad that we have that space above the dryer to hang items.

Kir - Oh you should post some pics - I can't quite envision what you're describing. We are trying to scheme up some sort of beachy feel...we made it out to Flower Factory this weekend - but may need to make a trip out to Joann's and Hobby Lobby later in the month because I didn't find quite what I was looking for.

Momma Val said...

Yes, I agree. I would love to see pictures Kir! That sounds really cool how you did that!