Sunday, August 24, 2008

Greening Our Appliances

So I can officially swipe 500 more lbs off our Carbon Footprint after the delivery guys brought this bad boy out to the house. Our new GE Front Loading washing machine just lumbers over our old dinky dryer! Lola, of course, is scared of it. I leave the door open between loads to let it air dry inside and she will sit outside the room and bark and bark - like some intruder is in the house.

Let me tell you, this washer is amazing! It can fit an king sized comforter inside! It is QUIET - so quiet you have no idea it is running. Our old washer pretty much threw a tantrum every time it hit the spin cycle. It was so loud you could hear it downstairs. One down side to the new washer is the cycle time - 59min. BUT the clothes are almost practically dry by the time you it finishes its spin cycle so you can cut your dryer time in half! Talk about saving energy! One thing I didn't know, as I watched it cycle through, is that it doesn't actually fill with water. It uses just enough to get the clothes wet - you never see a water line or anything up the side of the glass...pretty cool considering how much water a regular washing machine has to use. So far I am very happy with our purchase - despite it's original misgivings (having to be bought on Matt's birthday - etc).

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