Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Morning Madness

Well, my return to the office today was quite eventful - let me tell ya!

(Yup, I was out of town for two days - but you didn't know it did you?! - I was sneaky and SCHEDULED some posts ahead of time...ah, the joys of technology...will post about my business travel adventures soon - promise!)

Anyways, back to this morning. Woke up in a fairly chipper mood for as much driving I have done in the last two days. Drank my English Breakfast tea while walking barefoot out in the backyard looking at all our lovely plants and flowers. And found THESE little guys all over our THAT is what has been eating at our leaves on our plants!

Now we need to work on getting rid of them....saw some slug and snail control stuff at Lowes we may pick up - UNLESS you all have something better and more environmentally sound! Let me know!

Managed to get my behind on the bus on time and enjoyed some pleasant reading time and basked in a little attention I got my fellow bus riders and my favorite bus driver for having been missing for a few days. :) They noticed I wasn't around - aw!

Made it to my stop only to see billowing plumes of smoke rising up out of the skyline of Indianapolis. Yeah, a little scary!

Ended up being a car fire in the parking garage - but lots of excitement nonetheless.

Then dropped my bagel on the floor - AND ATE IT. Yup - that is how I started my morning! :)


Kirsten said...

Snails can't cross copper. You can buy super-thin copper tape to stop them. Or you can put out pie tins with beer - they'll drink it and drown. Check out some of the solutions here.

indykari said...

What a site that was I'm sure! While the ambulance chaser in me wishes I'd seen this happen up close, I'm feeling pretty lucky I missed it. My coworkers and I park in the Conseco garage but I choose this morning as the day to break my near-2 week bike riding hiatus and I 2 wheeled it to downtown. But you can imagine the fire was all the buzz around the office, sounds as if it was isolated to one car on the 2nd floor and the others are only covered in a nice layer of soot.

Stacy said...

kirsten - I will definitely have to look in that copper tape idea! I tried the beer thing before and it didn't seem to work - no slugs the next day in the beer. Maybe I should try it again though. But is that method effective if you have LOTS of them over a large yard?

indykari - Yes very exciting - glad to hear the cars next to it were ok other than the soot! Kudos on riding your bike it - I would love to be able to do that - but we live a tad too far away for that.

Momma Val said...

Coffee grounds can be a good deterrent. Starbucks has free used grounds available in their shops (in a container at the back). They are also good at keeping rabbits away too. Plus good for plants. Geez, when I think of all the coffee grounds I've dumped . . . . . bummer! Good luck! Slugs are OK and are normally found just about everywhere, it's when they start eating your plants that it's a problem.

Stacy said...

Momma Val - thanks for the coffee grounds tip! I have gotten them before from Starbucks to add to my compost pile - had no idea the grounds are also good as a slug deterrent! You are so full of such great info - I am so glad we are blog friends!