Thursday, August 7, 2008

LOLDogs - Finally!

I have throughly enjoyed the website LOLcats: and always hoped a dog version would pop up! Well, that day has come and oh, how sweet it is! :)

Visit LOLdogs:

see more dog pictures


Nichole and Scott said...

I too am a dog lover. Thanks for sharing this site. Too funny and too cute. My dogs would hate me for doing either of these things in the photos. Actually, all 3 of my dogs would be scared to death if I put them with a pig or in a dress. It's tempting though.

Stacy said...

No problem! Thanks for stopping by! Hope the LOLdogs site makes you smile and laugh as much as it does for me!

careysue said...

I was just sent a bunch of those funny, cute pictures to my e-mail! I love the dog and pig one especially!

Jennifer said...

OMG! I love dogs in clothes! Thanks for that!