Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend In Review

Had a marvelous weekend out on the town with the husband and pups in tow!

First we stopped by the Dogs Days of Summer at Mallow Run Winery where we dropped off our donation (a warm fuzzy dog bed and a fun chew toy) sure to bring joy and comfort to a dog in need and sipped some wine in the hot summer sun while the mutts panted in the shade. All dogs were on their best behavior - we even got to meet a few adorable, adoptable puppies - like little Porsche pictured below. Isn't she precious?!

And Sunday we took a stroll downtown to check out Chakaia Booker's Mass Transit exhibit - which was very cool and rested up at Alcatraz for a beer and a bite to eat.


tina said...

Yes, that puppy is ADOREABLE! And that is a pretty neat scuplture too.

Life, Love And Lola said...

Don't tell "My Lola" but that has to be one of the most beautiful pups I've ever seen!