Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Ugly Bill Blues

Sigh. There is nothing like a bill you thought you paid but didn't to bring ya down - its like a good old kick in the chest. Already exhausted after work and just ready to kick back and relax and I get this call from a funny number. Ah, I knew something was up.

And remember that little week-long drop-of-the-hat vacation I just took. Yeah. It was right before this bill was due or I got back right after or something. But I swear I paid it. But they said I didn't - having hubby look into it now to make sure we don't double pay.

Anyways, this particular bill drives me nuts because there is no autopay option unless you print out this sheet of paper and fill it out and take it to your bank to sign and then mail it in - ya ok - not going to happen that is just one too many steps. I want to set up an auto pay so it is easier to pay my bill not so I can jump through even more hoops. Granted, I have been paying it for 4 years now (car payment) and only been late one other time when (again) I swore I paid it but it was around finals time in college and it just slipped my mind.

Get with the program Chrysler and let your customers setup a freaking autopay system and this would NEVER have happened and my evening wouldn't be ruined!! ARG!

Nothing like talking to an animated machine about a late bill and logging on to pay the said bill and finding an Internal 500 Server Error to make your eyelids feel like lead.

Thankfully it is now paid and hubby is home to make things good again. He is good at that.

P.S. Wow, I am having quite a few "grr" moments this week.


Candid Carrie said...

I was prepared to see a picture of an ugly guy named Bill. This took me off guard in a sadly funny way.

Bye the way, I love the new header or shall we say footer ;)

amy purple said...

This is never fun! I got a bill about a speeding ticket the state of Ohio swears I never paid. Mind you, it was from OVER 10 YEARS AGO. I tried the 'this is over the statute of limitations' mumbo jumbo with them, but they wouldn't give up. I just ended up paying it rather than dealing with the hassle of it and potentionally reflecting negatively to my credit. It really does ruin your day, or weeks because obviously i am still disgruntled.

Stacy said...

Candid Carrie - Yeah, sorry it wasn't a funny - sometimes my blog acts as my soundboard for venting. :)

Amy Purple - Oh my goodness, 10 years?! That's crazy! It makes me so mad because they treat you like you are some sort of bad person when you miss just one bill - we are human - we do forget - sigh. That is why I love autopay. Thank's for stopping by the blog!

Nadine said...

Yeah, I love the autopay for my car payments. The only downside is that I have no idea when they'll stop. Next month? The month after? Soon I think...

indykari said...

oi -- i do hate that, nothing makes you feel smaller in the universe huh?

does your bank offer bill-pay through online banking? it allows me to set payments to through a particular date, or to only pay 10x for example, and then it stops. i set the day the funds are taken from my account and everything. and all you need to set it up is on your bill stub. ha, sounds like i work for the bank doesn't it?!