Monday, August 18, 2008

Fair Oaks Farms: Absolutely Moo-valous!

Ok, now that last week and this past weekend is behind us let's get back to our regularly scheduled blog posts!

Last week I made it up to Blue Chip Casino in northern Indiana on business.

On the long drive back to central Indiana, I stopped off of I-65 to enjoy a bite to eat and quick looksey around at Fair Oaks Farms.

I had honestly never heard of the place, which is surprising having been from the area growing up. Upon further investigation though, it seems they did not start up their agritourism endeavors until about 3-4 years ago, which is about the time I fled the area (moved to Indianapolis for school and work). Let me tell you, this place is well worth the visit!

You come to this huge farm just off the interstate in the absolute middle-of-no-where and land smack dab in this amazing oasis of cheese, milk and ice cream! For being a Wednesday afternoon it was pretty packed with visiting families and their rambunctious brood. Don't worry though - lots of energy was being wisely spent bouncing on the Dairy-Air (hehe) and climbing the Glass Bottle - so despite the mass of tots and wee ones everyone seemed to be on their best behavior and focused their energy on those "fun zones" and managed to settled down when they needed to.

You needed to have paid your admission to actually watch a baby cow being born, but I managed to peek into an open door and catch this glimpse of the action. Didn't really know cows had their babies sitting down - always thought they stood up. Anyways, they have two mama cows set up on a glassed in stage and the paying crowd gets front row seats to the miracle of birth. Pretty amazing for the average child and family to see, huh?!

If watching cows give birth isn't your thing, that is ok, because there is PLENTY of other things to do at Fair Oaks Farms. Including watching cheese be made while you eat a lunch of soup, toasted cheese sandwiches and ice cream, strolling the grounds, walking through their museum and gift shop.

Admission fees include a tour of the farm, admission to the birthing barn and to their interactive museum! I can't wait to go back and take hubby along for the ride this time - this was an excellent Indiana find!


Momma Val said...

Hey Cool! I saw this place on the Chicago news one day. You can watch a cow being born. And tons of fresh dairy. What more could you want? Cool!

Stacy said...

I think there is another place similar to it here closer in Indy - Trader's Point Creamery. I will have to go check it out now as well! I think it is a great idea for farmer's to share and take pride in what they do by making it into a tourism attraction. And these days so many kids don't see cows and things like they used to.