Monday, August 25, 2008

Pineapple Pet Toy

Showbiz posing with her new toy - guess what it is?! A pineapple! Yeah, I was at Target for a follow up visit to the eye doctor and had to pick up buns and ground beef - and just HAD to stroll through the isle with the clearance end caps... and found this great little stuffed pineapple toy for only $3! I think our pineapple obsession is getting a little out of hand. :)


Brenda Kula said...

Well, it seems a harmless enough obsession to me!

Stacy said...

True! There are worse things out there to be addicted too...thanks for stopping by!

Brian Clary said...

Stacy - a friend of mine has a dog who is going through the last stages of chemo, and she has been searching for this very pineapple pet toy for years, because it was her dog's favorite. I showed her this photo, and it's the exact match. Do you have any idea where there might be more of these? And I hate, hate to ask this, but if by any chance, your dog didn't care for the toy anymore, is it something you would consider selling? brian.clary [at]