Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Toally Random (soggy) Tuesday

Arg! Today is a soggy day. Woke up to lightening, thunder and lots and lots of rain. Not that I am unhappy about the rain - my yard was getting rather crunchy so I know we needed it. I just like it much better when it storms at night - when I can curl up on the couch and read a book and listen to the storm - not be out in it.

And Tuesdays are the day that I give my parking pass to my intern. She comes in on Tuesdays now but not until the afternoon after her classes and since I ride the bus we broke a deal - she drives in after her class and uses my parking pass but she has to drive me back to my car at the end of the day (we live on the same side of town). Works out most days - except that today was horribly rainy and I would have rather just drove in to begin with and avoid getting soaked.

And of course I could not find my gosh darn umbrella . And OF COURSE it starts pouring as soon as I pull up to the bus this morning. So, here I am fumbling around my car trying to find the umbrella - which I swore was in the back of the car which requires getting out and opening the back hatch and guess what? It wasn't back there - it was in the back seat the whole time - I didn't have to get out to get it - but I did and I got soaked.

And the AC was definitely working on the bus this morning so I was frozen....

I am now drinking hot chocolate complete with marshmallows - in August. :)


prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

enjoy your cocoa and your day! [by the way, I was intrigued with the cutter ants at the zoo, too; we didn't make it to the Conservatory - is it worth a trip?]

Nadine said...

It has rained an unusual amount here this summer. My grass is still bright green, and I have to mow it constantly. I'd like a dry spell right about now.

Stacy said...

PrairieVision - aw, thanks! My day is going better already - there is nothing that cup of hot chocolate and a midmorning charms blowpop can't fix - other than my cavities :)! The conservatory was pretty cool - but not very big - we were in and out in an hour - but I think it is well worth the stop and Eden Park is nearby with an awesome view overlooking the river.

Nadine - We were having quite a bit of rain this year (a lot of flooding here in Central/Southern Indiana)- but then all of sudden it dried up and was really hot - scorching our poor grass.