Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer Clearance Sales, Garage Saling and Curb Hunting

Wow, we've found quite a few great finds in the last couple of weeks.

Ok, so first I found this great letter tray from Target at 75% off. Organizing our mail is always such a challenge, but I think I finally have a system going now. Important mail and paperwork that needs dealt with in a timely manner goes in this new tray.

(And, yes, that is a birthday addressed to my cousin...well, it hadn't been addressed yet but we tried to send it in the mail anyways...imagine our surprise when it came back - sigh...sorry, Shannon, your card is so is your brother's who is sitting just under yours - so much for getting them done in a timely manner huh?!).

Weekly store flyers and other rubbish we may want to look at but will likely recycle eventually goes in a big woven basket on the kitchen floor. Then there are two other baskets. One in front of our filing cabinet for paperwork that needs to be filed eventually. And one near our couch that accomodates magazines and other readables. Super important stuff can get clipped up on the fridge with a magnet for a more in-your-face reminder.

Ok, back to my glorious finds!

These slightly dusty but very tall bamboo poles were snatched last weekend from a curb pile. They will surely be useful next year in our garden.

This weekend Matt and I slept all day until about 3pm then decided to catch a few garage sales. At first we were worried that we'd missed them all having slept all day, but I think we went at just the perfect time! People were just starting to put everything back in their garage and were more than willing to bargain their remaining items down.

We found this coffee table and nabbed it for $2! Granted it needs some work...they had originally tried to paint it with some sort of textured paint - arg! Anyone have an electric sander I can borrow for a few weeks? I am thinking about painting it black and using it upstairs in our game/loft area...can't you just picture it?

We found this little white stand for $6 (it was orignally part of a nursery set I think). I already have it cleaned up and put to use in our laundry room, but I have visions of getting galvanized tubs or colored cloth bins of some sort to set all my laudry items in so they aren't all in plan sight like the pic above...a blog post with those thoughts are soon to follow...

Not pictured is another great curb find we stumbled upon while perusing the neighborhood for garage sales...four 2x2 wooden plank the kind you would piece together to make a deck...or a walkway. Oh, the possibilities are endless! I am rooting for a walkway through my herb garden - Matt is voting for them to hoist his grill off the ground. We'll see what happens. :)

And, lastly, my favorite - a new purse and pocketbook! My old purse was falling apart at the seams and was becoming quite an embarassment to lug around and with all my bus riding I have been needed a better place to keep my bus passes and spare change - other than the bottom of my purse...hence the beautiful new blue pocketbook complete with a very pretty patterned lining - didn't take pic of that but it quite gorgeous I assure you. I am super happy with my finds - 30% off at Kohl's - no where near the deals we found on the curbs...but ya know! :)


Carol said...

Great finds. You can never have too many bamboo poles for supporting plants in the garden!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Stacy said...

I know! We ran out of supports in our garden this year and had more than one incident of bent and broken branches and vines. :( So when I saw these I couldn't resist!