Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oh, that Martha Stewart!!

She is always coming with such great crafts that get my creative juices going! And now that I've signed up for her Craft of the Day email list - sigh, there is no going back...I will be inspired...and there will be trips to Joann's and Hobby Lobby - lord help us all. :)

Here's today's Craft of the Day - and I L.O.V.E. it!

Sewing Kit in Jar
I am always needing to sew on a button or mend up a hole in our clothes AND I always forget about needing to do so until I am already out of time and pulling on said pair of pants that need the button. I have a sewing kit, but it is full of all kinds of stuff. This little jar could be set out on the coffee table to remind me of what I need to do. Marvelous!


Jennifer Ramos said...

thanks for commenting on the giveaway!
Don't forget to come back on Thursday! : )

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

Momma Val said...

I HEART Martha! I love when she actually has recipes and projects that people can actually do and afford. Love this idea. Might me an excellent gift idea for single person or someone that has no sewing stuff. Can't believe how many places are selling Martha merchandise now. Kmart, Walmart, & Macy's too?

Shelle said...

If I was a crafty person AND could sew...you better believe that I would be all over that! How cool about the craft of the day though...my sister-in-law would love that...thanks for making me look good, because I'm calling her right now to tell her about it! lol!

Stacy said...

Jennifer - No problem - it is an awesome giveaway! I will be sure to be back Thurs for sure!

Momma Val - Yes! Martha is quite amazing! Her is stuff is everywhere - thank goodness! And ditto on easy and affordable crafts and ideas - I LIVE for those!

shelle - No problem! Glad I could help ya out! ;) Stop back by soon!