Thursday, September 25, 2008

First Fabric Finds

Here's a start - a sign I'm slowly coming out of my scary beginner's paralysis.

From right to left: (all from Joann's) I am thinking some sort of tote or sling with a coordinating fabric (maybe orange or blue). The damask is an outdoor fabric for the seat cushion I need to make for a wicker chair we found. And lastly is a home decor weight fabric in tan.

This super soft fabric I got from Walmart for 50% off - they are getting rid of their fabric! :(

A little bit of Amy Butler or Heather Bailey - I think it is Heather Bailey - I have left over from a previous no-sew project.

Remnants from Joann's. I see a trend of blues and tans - huh. I am sure that will all go out the window once I make a stop at Clementine's to check out what drool-worthy fabric they have in store for me!

More tan from a past project that never got off the ground.

Lovely quarters from Joann's - something is going to get a little patchwork! I am thinking totebag, or placemats, or something! (using the three fall colors - keeping the black and white for something else - inspiration will hit I know it will!)

Here's all I have all tucked way in my new little basket! Now I just need a free evening to get chopping!


Swirlyarts said...

Beware - your fabric will multiply :) I started off with a basket like that and now the fabric has taken over my craft room and the corridor outside!

Nadine said...

Beautiful fabrics! I can't wait to see what you make first.

Sarah Pead said...

aww! you put your beauties in the basket I gave you! :) that just makes me smile real big! Hope your day went well today!

Stacy said...

Swirlyarts - Oh, I can't wait! :)

Nadine - Thank you! I am excited to start something - too bad I have a super busy weekend. :(

Sarah - Yup, I most certainly did! It is perfect! Thanks! My day did go ok - just gotta make it through the weekend now.