Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ritter's Is Going To The Dogs

Tonight we experienced our first Dog's Night Out at Ritter's Frozen Custard. The night out lasts from 3PM until 7 PM and we barely skated in at 6:40 - but there were still plenty of doggie friends who were hanging out and enjoying their free Doggie Dish of vanilla frozen custard!

Showbiz and Lola have never really had frozen custard before and the one time we bought doggie cupcakes from Three Dog Bakery - Lola refused to eat it. So I was a little leery - also I wasn't sure how the doggie dynamics would work out - would my dogs be too interested in the other canines to enjoy their treat? Would they bark and pull and cause us not to enjoy the moment either?

But, alas, my mutley's came through with flying colors. There was a little bark or two at first and some initial pulling in excitement - but waiting in line gave them a chance to take it all in and set the tone for the evening.

As soon as we sat down their custard dishes the dogs knew just what to do - and they loved it! Right down to the little doggie treat that garnished the dish. Showbiz polished hers off without stopping - Lola slowed down towards the end and Showbiz stepped up to help her finish her dish.

Remarkably enough, neither dog got sick on the car ride home - nor are their tummies gurgling and it is already a few hours afterwards - so I think custard sits well with puppy tummies.

This is a great event to get our dogs out of the house for a little change of scenery. It also gives us the chance to practice our socialization skills. Our dogs are perfect angels in the house when no one is around - it is the minute when guests arrive that our dogs turn into obnoxious, in-your-face heathens. And being around other dogs is sometimes worse - our dogs are more used to being around strange people than they are being around strange dogs - so events like these that brings out other pooches helps us work on our social skills.

It is safe to say that my pooches passed the test - though we did not give them chance to sniff other dogs - they did do good when sitting a few feet apart and walking by each other.

Oh and I forgot my camera - so no cute pics from the evening. That is ok though because that just means we have to make it to the next one for sure! :)

The best thing about the event...15% of sales went to benefit the Humane Society of Johnson County

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Nadine said...

That sounds like lots of fun! I do so wish there were pictures though. :-)