Monday, June 23, 2008

Garden Update/Watching My Garden Grow

Well, I didn't make it to the yoga class. :( Ended up being 15 minutes late and the class had already started and I had no idea where to change so I just headed home. Poo.

Next time I am going to be SURE that I make it.

But, I did manage to get more of my plants into the ground. I planted everything but a bush I got at Lowes on discount this weekend and some lily turf, ornamental grass and variegated lilies - those can wait till this weekend because I need to expand my flower beds on the east side of the house to put them in - that or figure out somewhere else to put them.

So today I planted:

- a bush -forgot what kind - and am too tired to go out and look
- two foxgloves
- bee balm
- joe pie weed
- yellow flowers
- hyssop
- axminster gold
- false indigo

The wind we got this weekend from the few storms that rolled through managed to push over my towering snap pea plants in my garden. :( I tried to prop them back up but they still look like they are leaning too much. I may need to invest in a better trellis for them to climb up. I have a three foot tall wrought iron trellis in the garden now - though you can barely see it - but I wasn't expecting the peas to grow so tall - they are almost as tall as our 7 foot fence!

Here is a little photo update on what I have growing in the garden. It is so fun to find baby veggies and watch them grow!

Baby cherry tomatoes!

I have many peas and am excited at the harvest! Which - how do you know when peas are ready? Do they come off easy or need pinched off?

Baby cucumber. My husband says my cucumber plants are obnoxious and taking over the garden. I admit that I MAY have planted too many - and I have found a trendil or two trying to choke his pepper plant - but I am keeping an eye on things and curb their expansion - redirecting them away from the other plants.

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Nadine said...

That is exciting. I should take a picture of my baby tomatoes!