Saturday, June 28, 2008

“Let the moosh Whoorl your Hair” Contest Extravaganza!

Moosh In Indy is ushering up a great contest - “Let the moosh Whoorl your Hair” Contest Extravaganza! She has teamed together with the hair goddess Sarah from Whoorl to sponsor one lucky reader's hair transformation. The winner will be fast tracked to the front of the line over at Hair Thursday (the amazing hair site that has been in the NY Times and on Nightline! It has a massive waiting list for anyone wanting to get in on the action.) Which makes this contest so very cool - not to mention that Sarah will decide on a new style for the winner, readers will get to vote, and -poof- off someone (hopefully me) will go to a salon chair to get a fabulous new do that they will come back and show off on Hair Thursday-all paid for Moosh In Indy and her caulk money (up to $140 USD).

So, without further ado - here's my entry!


I have tried my hair long and I have tried it short. (its currently short) Either way I can't seem to get a good consistent look out of it. When it is long the weight of it pulls my fine and thin hair flat. When it is short - it still doesn't have much oomph unless I blow dry upside down, use tons of hair spray and curl it - such a routine for it all to go flat by midday. Arg! Ok - on the the horrid pictures.

Bad Hair Day/Short Hair Me
I am not sure what the problem was that day. I mean jeez where did that awful wave come from? And why does my hair look greasy? And the bangs, don't even get me started. That is one thing I can never figure out - my bangs. Do I want them - do I not? Do I part them? Do I wear them in front or to the side. I need help!

Good Hair Day/Short Hair Me (curled under)
Managed to pull it together a little that day, huh? I mean, besides the funny look on my face. It looks like my hair actually has body - I love days when my hair looks great. I think I managed to curl it under that day.

Good Hair Day/Short Hair Me (curled out)
Here's a good short hair day from just a week or two ago - with my sides flipped out. I like that because it takes less effort in the morning - I can flip it out with the dryer and not take so much time curling and it usually stays that way for most the day - but I still hate the way the back of my hair looks - may be cute from the front and side but the back - jeez. Looks like I didn't even try.

Arg! Look at the side/back shot - yuck. :(

Good Hair Day/Long Hair Me
Amazingly enough this was like 4am at an airport - how did I pull off looking so smashing? No clue. I love how my long hair curls a little - still not much omph - but it looks nice.

Bad Hair Day/Long Hair Me
Again with the bangs! LOL - must I iterate my obvious need for help in the hair department? Don't even start commenting on the turtleneck - this isn't a fashion help post ok? We are overlooking that....focus on the hair. :)


moosh in indy. said...

Is your hair long or short now? I love it long, but Sarah could do some wonderful things for your short hair too. Good luck!

Momma Val said...

My hair and your hair sound similar (except mine is dark brown). Never seems quite right. Very envious of those with the thick hair. My ideal hair would be similar to Asian-type hair thick, dark, and shiny. Currently trying to grow my hair out completed 6 months but had to get the ends trimmed yesterday. My vote is for the airport hair or the short hair curled under. You know what may look cute on you is a diagonal forward with a stack. I got that cut for years and loved it. I can send you a picture of my hair like this if you want for I don't show my face on my blog. I often just resolute to hate hair all together!

SuzyQ said...

My hair is short now - the pic of me sticking my foot in the fountain was just taken a week or two ago. Thanks for doing this marvelous contest! :)

Nadine said...

I have super straight fine hair, but I no longer put much thought into it. I know that no matter what I do to it, it will hang flat. Plus, I'm lazy. Blow dry? Um, no. Curl? Nooo.

As for your hair, I like it best flipped out short. The airport hair is lovely, but you look too much like a movie star and then how could we be friends? I don't think movie stars would give me the time of day! ;-)

Kandace said...

I am entering too. I just need to hit up my Dad's house for some retro hair photos :)

heather said...

wow, you look great with short OR long hair. That is an awesome picture of you at 4am. I think when we don't try is when we look our best. MY favorite picture of me & my daughter was taken when I was unshowered, with no makeup on. Same sort of thing. Anyway, good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

With my wife, every day she keeps her tush-length hair is a good hair day. It's been that long for about five years now. Ronald