Sunday, June 15, 2008

June 2008 Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

Sorry for the recent lack of posts...just a lot going on...both at work, in life and just a lot that I am thinking about in general.

So excited about this month's Garden Bloggers Blooms Day! Mainly because I was actually able to get out in the newly mowed backyard and check out what we have going on - and it's a lot!

This is a flower I need to plant. Poor guy has been hanging out on our front sidewalk for a good two weeks now!

Wow! Look at our garden - this photo was taken this morning so it is fully up to date - and wow - it went crazy!

Looks like we will be having plenty of cucumbers in our future! And peas, canteloupe, onion, cherry tomatoes and bell peppers!

I love hostas! They are so easy to take care of. They have gorgeous leaves and gorgeous blooms!

And day lilies are another favorite of mine! Reminds me of sunny days at the pool.


Good & Crazy said...

Did I miss something? Is today...THE DAY? The garden day. Cuz Father's day and Bloom day, I failed em both!

I'm so ready to see cucumber flowers on my teeny tiny little plants...

Nadine said...

I'm glad you're back; I was starting to worry!

I love hostas too. Could never have too many. None of mine are flowering yet.

beckie said...

Your garden looks great. Won't be long before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.:) I love hostas also and am going to divide some of mine next year plus get some new ones. I plan to use them as a border on the north side of house between the sidewalk and the foundation. And I always enjoy day lilies. Thanks for sharing.

tina said...

Yes, that blue eyed grass would love a permanent home but doesn't seem to mind the front porch.

Carol said...

Lots going on in your garden. Soon you'll have your own vegetables to eat!

Thanks for joining in for bloom day!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens