Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things I Crave Thursday

Grapefruit Sugar Bowl from Anthropologie
This adorable and affordable ($18) sugar bowl would look oh so lovely gracing my kitchen counter top - dontcha think?? I do! (well, maybe not this week - hubby and I have managed to shatter our coffee pot and a hurricane vase - the sound of shattering glass first thing in the morning is not the way to start a day) I found this adorable little guy while perusing their website - but we do have one store here Indiana we should visit - I haven't been yet - at the Keystone Mall.

Adorable Doo-hickey For My Desk
I am always looking for ways to spruce up and modernize my rather bland desk at work - this would be really cool - but I would only buy it if it was on sale. ($25) - just a little too expensive for a little thing for a my desk - ya know?? And I am a little afraid that my favorite photos would be become warped from hanging at an odd angle. I would only really use it for notes and business cards. This comes from another one of my favorite stores - Silver In the City - which has a great location here in Indianapolis right off of Mass Ave or you can shop online at

Stemware Picnic Stakes

Perfect for all the evenings in the park that Matthew and I go on - this way we are a little less likely to spill wine on our clothes or blanket - especially if we throw the dogs in the equation - it is very hard to maintain control of the picnic area with a scrabble game, wine, food AND dogs. :)! This is also available at Silver in the City ($25) - but I have found it at other places for $19.99 - like

But I kinda like the set I found at Pampered Chef a little better - it is more expensive ($39) - but it would be able to hold cans and cups and not just wine glasses - which would be nice because we aren't always in the mood for wine at our picnics.

#2828 Outdoor Party Sticks — Pampered Chef
See?! Isn't this set better than the one above? Here is the description they give on their website: Keep bottles, glasses, cans and even candles from tipping over at picnics or outdoor concerts! Set of seven includes one bottle holder for wine, champagne and 2-liter bottles, plus six glass holders for stemware, tumblers and cans. Protective colored tabs cover the ends of the coils and also help identify whose drink is whose. Hmm...maybe I should remove the top post altogether - cuz I am convinced this are FAR better.

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