Friday, June 6, 2008

Take a Time Out

A recent article I received in my email, my Daily Insight - from Yoga, (which I normally don't take the time to read everyday caught my it is:


Take a Time Out

Many social commentators have noted that time, in our lives, is moving faster and faster. We're continually being asked to be more productive and to do more things at once. At the same time, our notion of planning is changing, so that instead of planning a few decades out, we plan only a few years out. All of this is just more evidence that the speed of our world is increasing.

But how has this affected our lives and our health? Take a moment to think about how you deal with time. Have you ever pushed an already lit elevator button because it's not moving fast enough? Are you continually urging your children to hurry up? Do you hate waiting for a computer download? This frantic pace in our sped-up world contributes to our stress. Think you're immune? Try an "old-fashioned" rotary phone and see how annoying it can be to take "so long" to dial. Most of us will find that we're just used to moving at a certain pace. Unfortunately, this pace is not always the best for us.

When you find yourself stressed and hurried, ask yourself if it's really necessary to rush-or is this just a bad habit you should break? If possible, do less and enjoy life more. Practice slowing down by letting others go first in a bank line, or on the highway. Use the extra time to breathe deeply and smile. You'll feel better-and so will the people around you.


Kinda sums up how I feel most of the time - rushed. (I don't even have kids yet! yikes!)


Mama's Losin' It said...

I am always rushing my kids. Have you ever been to Hawaii? It takes awhile to adjust to the fact that everything is a couple notches slower there. When you come back home your looking around like "what's the rush!?!"

This is a good reminder to just relax and take things in. Thanks.

Momma Val said...

OMG! I hated that whole lunch break thing when I worked as a GD in an office all day. I hated eating inside or even out with coworkers for that matter. I felt just like you, I wanted away from people, building, the God Damn fluorescent lights and dirty recycled air. I would kill myself to get out and eat in my car if it was the dead of winter. Consider you spend so many hours, days, and weeks with those people. When lunchtime hit I typically felt like, "Get me the hell out of here," despite how much I liked or disliked my job or coworkers. On occasion I would go out to lunch with one person at a time. I HATED EATING IN LUNCHROOMS WITH EVERYBODY!!!!! At times if I wanted to go home at a reasonable time I would snarf down a sandwich while working, then again I was a senior designer and had an insane amount of work to do (don't miss that job at all, but the money was good). I tend to be more of a free spirit anyway. I would get very annoyed being under a microscope in the lunchroom. "What is that you're eating?" or "Ooh, somebody's lunch really smells," or the table terrorists that were picking up my microwavable meal box and looking at the fat and carbs in MY food! They drove me nuts! I think some people like to eat inside with everyone. They feel slighted if you don't feel the same. Some days I would just love to hop in my car, drive to a shady spot & park, call my friends or stare out the window and attempt to momentarily turn my brain off. I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND HOW YOU FEEL!

tina said...

I just thought you wanted the fonts like that. Set of the article a bit. Too bad about the little duck. So sad.