Monday, June 2, 2008

Scratch That

Sigh. So that great refreshed feeling from my weekend getaway didn't last very long today. I did have the gumption to get up early and take the bus to work - even walked to the Circle and ate my lunch out in the dappled sunlight and walked to the post office - but shortly after getting back to work, my tooth began to ache.

I had a filling replaced about two weeks ago and it has been super sensitive ever since - to the point where I had to call the emergency number for the dentist last Wednesday.

My dentist set me up with pain meds and hooked me up with a Endodontist - who I had an appointment with this upcoming Thursday afternoon.

BUT the pain kept coming back and back - more and more frequently. And today it was just all too much - and the meds wouldn't kick in fast enough.

I called the Endodontist and asked if they could get me in sooner. They had an opening today at 3:15.

I thought I was just going in for tests.

Well, they did test - but when they found out I needed a root canal they numbed me up and did it right then and there.

Arg! Wasn't really prepared for that today.

It completely wiped me out - drained everything I had regained.



alisha said...

Bummer! BUT, it may be better that they just did it on the spot, rather than scheduling it, leaving you to worry and hurt for a few days.
I hope you feel better soon. I've never had a root canal, but I understand they aren't fun. :(

Nadine said...

Ugh. Double ugh. But maybe you'd feel that much worse if you hadn't had the weekend away?

Momma Val said...

Yuck, I had a doozy like that a few years ago. I feel your pain. Mine was in a front tooth. It was horrible. The root canal was actually easier for me than getting a cavity filled. Hope you are feeling better soon. Be glad I think I was in pain for weeks . . . . don't know how I standed it. I had to pay out of pocket and I barely made anything at my first design job out of college. It was for Midwest Outdoors Magazine. The owner is a millionaire but he's VERY cheap.

SuzyQ said...

You are all right. :) I am glad they went ahead and did it right away and that I didn't have time to prepare because it would probably stress me out all week thinking about it. And it was good that I recharged before it happened because I would probably be having a total melt down now instead of just being exhausted.

Justine said...

Root Canals are the worst... and expensive, too! I had a double root canal a couple years ago. Yuck. But I hope your tooth is feeling better!