Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sweet Summer Soltice Weekend

Despite our weekend's gloomy start - it has shaped up fairly well. Managed to get myself up in time for church - which is actually a hard thing to do with Matthew working nights - I have the darnedest time getting to sleep without him and then I wake up at 4am due to some sort of internal clock that tells me that Matt should be getting off of work, then 5am when he finally makes it home and the garage door opens and lastly 6am when he finally makes it to bed. Then I have 3 hours of gloriously sound sleep with my husband by my side. Makes for a very groggy me in the morning.

The message at church today was something I've needed to hear - essentially the focus was on the story of Joseph and all the trials and tribulations in his life and how God's Will (i.e. great things!) came through BECAUSE of all those bad things that happened to him. Huh...makes me look at all the crazy things going on in our life a little differently. It definitely all still hurts and it is all still hard - but it is all for a reason. I may not know what that reason is, but I need to just let it go and allow God to work in my life.

Matt had the day off so we enjoyed a wonderful day together complete with a 2-hour nap, 2 runs to the grocery store - both in the rain, watched a storm roll in, watched a good movie (27 Dresses) and baked brownies.

We also had the pleasure of meeting one of my fellow local bloggers - Ann from PrairieVision Design. She was thinning out her flower beds and was generous enough to ask me if I would want the extras. I came home with armloads of bee balm, joe pie weed, axminster gold, false indigo and not-yet-identified-yellow-flowers. I can't wait to get them into the ground!

Here's a picture of Ann's beautiful bee balm and what I can look forward too when my starts mature.

Which, despite, my crazy outburst of effort yesterday - I did not plant a single thing today. Everytime I would walk outside - a storm would be rolling in and it would start sprinkling, the wind would pick up and lightening zig-zagged in the sky. I know it was sunny during points in the day - it was sunny when I went to church and sunny when we went out to lunch - then it rained - then we took a nap - and it was sunny when we woke up and sunny when we went to Ann's - then it rained. LOL. Must be a sign that I needed to just take it easy today.

This is the storm that my husband and I watched roll in.


Nadine said...

Those clouds are spectacular! Wow.

My planted-this-season-bee balm haven't done much. I wonder if they aren't getting enough sun? I need to get to the store to buy some planting soil and pots. By the time I get around to it, summer will be over!

prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

your yoga post reminded me - do you ever go to It's free!